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Anyone in this community familiar with Chromium OS (CloudReady)?
This looks like it would be nice to run on the TF101. Anyone know if it is possible? I would love to get a Linux based OS on the TF101. Even though it is rather old, I still use it from time to time.

hi all!!! I'm new here in this community!! - did someone try timduru lollipop rom for tf101?

i did try it about two weeks ago and no ever install? any idea.... if someone had please let me know!


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Loaded Lollipop on my TF101 this morning and so far it has been running smooth.

Hello I've been on G+ for a long while now and am new to this community. As far as I can tell this (tf101) is the closest thing to my sl101.

I have a problem with it that I wanted to see if anyone could help me with.

I rooted my sl101 and installed cwm and tried to flash a ROM and forgot to do a backup. Well the recovery I have on it can't get on my SD card and I didn't think about turning adb on before I started.

If anyone has any info that could help it would be much appreciated. This tablet has been setting around for a while now and would like to get it going again.

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Finally decided to buy the keyboard dock for my Transformer TF101. Found it on Ebay for $50.
It's perfect for when I need to SSH to my Linux servers using JuiceSSH.

I've loaded katkiss 4.4.4_30 and it seems to work very nicely for me. no issues to report with it. ... love it.

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Continually love the updates to my aging but still healthy TF101!
Thank you to everyone involved making this happen again for 4.4.4!

Anyone ever tried running Linux on the TF101?
I found something called Linux On Android/Complete Linux Installer that looks compelling.

Keeps freezing and not responding. Any one experiencing the same?
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