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Come here with your old characters, this community will be getting a restart.

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"Prince of the Water Dragon"
Long ago, dragon morphers were considered evil. Those morphers were captured and killed in public. A few of the morphers became afraid and went into hiding.
The king realized his newborn son has the potential of having a rare dragon transformation ability. Fearing for his son's life, he hired a magic user to take his son somewhere safe from the hunters. The magic user was secretly planning to use to the boy for his own deeds. The magic user used a song to control the boy's mysterious powers. 

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Ideas......come on..........Hits my head Oh wait a moment. 

I still am into this pairing. Wanna rp this with me? Anyone?

sits and waits patiently
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[Lab Experiment rp]

Notes to keep in mind: 

*I don't own the images. Credit goes to the artists/owners.

*This rp will be male x male. The age of the male character (your character) must be 19 or older. 

*The rating is 16+ (older teen) due to blood, some language, and I prefer having the rp in PM. 

*I need a scientist who gets assigned to keep an eye on the experiment and manage him.
The Experiment (who I am rping as)

ID: [you may choose; like for instance 6625-CC-0308]
Other name: [you may choose]
Sex (gender): Male
Race: Android 
Theme Song: "Field of Innocence" (Evanescence) [ ]
Abilities/Powers: unknown [you may choose]
BIO: Was being created by scientists. His purpose was to become the world's 'savoir.' He would recreate the world and rule it with an iron fist. He doesn't know his purpose or anything else yet. His past life (if you want to make one) is not known to him. 


The year was 2157. Technology was starting to advance more than how it was in the past. A few scientists saw corruption in the world. So, they decided to create an android that would recreate the world and rule it. They worked on the project for months. They customized his appearance, inserted chemicals and powers in him, and more. 

A few years passed and the state of the world was becoming worse. Murders, crimes, pollution, and many problems increased. The group hoped that their newly formed savior.

(Y/C) is assigned to the project. The boy rested in the tube; in chemicals and water, and attached to wires.
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Name: Leo
Age: Uknown
Hight: 6"2
Sex: Male
Likes: music, having a partner, guns, demonoligy, emo style of clothing, swords, and the color black
Dislike: hafting to watch over someone, being on his own, and dealing with idiots
Looks: Long Black Hair, black clothing, leather gloves with spikes, and his shadow blade
Personality: doesn't trust anyone, open hearted, mysterious, quiet, and hates alot of people
Abilities: Pyrokinesis, short range teleportation, and has a demon eye that alows his emortality
Bio: doesnt know alot about his life but is trying to look for his family and doesnt know where he got his blade but will never put it down
Setting: Leo is sitting in a random bar watching the news

I'm so sorry I haven't been on for a while everyone, I've been over run with homework, theatre and family shit. I'll try to be more active!

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Name: Samantha Kun

Age: 17

Hight: 5'6

Sex: female

Likes: anime, music, Convers, snuggles big hoodies, fuzzy blankets, sweet and sour chicken, junk food, and special effects makeup

Dislike:....mostly dick people other the. That, id like everyone

Looks: short brown black hair, green blue eyes, wears skinny jeans and boots a lot

Bio: her family was taken when she was little, she had to lear how to do things herself. She taught herself how to fight and use certain weapons. She's mostly a loner but won't say no to people if they need help.

(Idk if I did the bio part right but I tried CX please don't judge me to hard) 

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Name: Jo Eliza Carter
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Mysterious, quiet, and easily angered
Likes: Almost anything
dislikes: cheaters, liars
Species: Hybrid of witch and cyborg
Weapon: Magic/Electricity
Single or not: Single
(She also is very fast)

Alikade has just arrived at the airport and takes a deep breath i am here finally*he hears somone running and lynn hits him and they both fall over lynn on the ground and same with Alikade sits up*
Ouch ouch Alikade rubs the back of his head and looks at lynn
Alikade: miss ar you ok?
Lynn: yes sorry gets up and runs away

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Lynn's female form
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