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Pass it on to another community if you want to live. (Sorry, i just want to live)
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I'm the 69th member >u<

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Gotta love Pewds

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Chocolate Cream Puff Swans...  They're easy to make!

Video duration:  7 minutes 20 seconds.
POWER GAY! Yum, enjoy :)

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October 11th is an important date to mark on your calendars...
October 11, 2013 is International Day Of The Girl.

Will you be celebrating?  Please consider doing so since it makes it really easy to be non-controversial among religious moderates while also helping to send a message that the religious extremists will undoubtedly interpret as an opposition to the atrocious practices they promote in the name of their misogynistic religious traditions.


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Thank you for accepting me into this community.  I hope that my new fight against the illegitimate regime in the big "Atheism" community qualifies me enough to be one of your valued members.
*** IMPORTANT *** Leadership problems (the saga continues...).

My comments have been deleted from a post entitled "The Genesis of Atheism" that was posted by a user named "God" (we've never met), so I'm re-sharing it.

Link to post:  https://plus.google.com/107078778955099839861/posts/gfpbxASBPyg

Before I begin, I feel compelled to point out that, stylistically, this is a beautifully written document.  I really enjoyed reading it, even though I don't fully agree with it -- although the phrase "revisionist history" comes to mind, I prefer to focus on the main hacking/attack event to add perspective...

During the time described from points 10 to 13, Edgar requested that I ensure my computer systems were not breached because he didn't know which accounts might have been compromised, and I agreed. I ensured that my computer systems were clean twice (the second time was with "clean-room scans"), and my systems always were and are clean.  After I had done that, and changed my Google passwords (checking that two-step authentication is enabled, etc.), I returned to Edgar expecting progress since Bob Lai had already been re-instated, so it looked like recovering the ownership states was well underway. I was mistaken...

This is the point where [metaphorical] goalposts started moving, because Edgar then began to introduce new reasons.  At this point I knew there was a serious problem, and so I began to request the re-instatement of all previous owners who had taken steps to ensure that their computer systems were secure (because I consider that to be a sound and reasonable expectation).

New requirements based on doubts about trust had been introduced. When I inquired about this I was provided with vague reasons about a forthcoming explanation that had no specific deadlines, and so I felt that I was being excluded.

Then new ideas were proposed about changing the ownership and implementing new policies, including a constitution (which is a major undertaking that I don't think should be rushed), and my immediate reaction was that "prior to proceeding with any new changes we first need to re-instate the previous owners whose power had been usurped."

My opinion was that recovering from the attack must be the highest priority (which includes restoring the ownership that was lost), and that this must occur before proceeding with developing new policies or making changes (including changes to ownership).

I continued to request re-instatement of the previous ownership, and eventually I escalated my language from "request" to "demand" as I felt that too much time had passed without results.

At one point I was informed that there had been on-going dialogue with the attacker, and received an empty promise for more details, so I decided that it was time to inform the membership of our big "Atheism" that we were entrusted, as a group, to protect from this type of problem, and it appears that the weak link was a "Page" account with "owner" access that was the point of entry.

The rationale for my demand to re-instate the previous owners was codified in the following text quoted below which is an exact copy of a post I wrote in the "GPAC Moderators" community before I was evicted from it, which I entitled "Leadership problems..."

P.S.: If this post gets removed, please help by re-sharing the original:  https://plus.google.com/+FidemTurbare/posts/2ryPoieVxLm

*** IMPORTANT *** Leadership problems.

Recently my ownership status (along with all other owners at the time) was removed by an unidentified third party without the proper official authority to do so, in what was referred to as a "coup."

As my ownership status has not been re-instated, while some others have (which is a double-standard), I am left feeling deeply concerned about the future of this community and its ability to operate our big "atheism" competently in the leadership role.

Indeed I was angered by the refusal by +Edgar Brown to re-instate me as an owner so as to restore order in our big "atheism" community as it was prior to the coup (which I also regard as an "attack").

In a recent comment from Edgar, his frustration was expressed as follows, which only further exemplifies the problem with leadership:

2014-Apr-26/1336 by Edgar Brown (near the end in a comment)
"So +Fidem Turbare if you still feel flustered, you can imagine how I feel right now: SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT BEING AN OWNER ALREADY!!! You are not the only one that is considering storming away from this community at this point in time. Tim Szaxon already did."

My level of disappointment in how things are being handled in this community have increased to a very high level now. I now feel that the trust that I thought I had was only an illusion, and it is still unclear to me what the reason is that the previous team of owners was not fully re-instated.

Going forward, the current leadership needs to know that you (the present "owners") were put in power without proper consultation and that I do not approve of the present arrangement. It is my strong opinion that this change in leadership was the incorrect response to the attacker who seemed to be vaguely demanding that the way the community was being run must be changed.

The reason I am disappointed is because I feel that I cannot trust this present team to handle such situations properly should they occur again in the future. From my perspective, this team is not strong enough to stand up to bullies (like the attacker), and will probably cave in to their demands again in the future instead of having a sense of self-respect and refusing to comply with demands by unauthorized parties to make changes.

I have already mentioned that I am contemplating the possibility of starting a new "atheism" community on my own, but I haven't actually done this, nor am I interested in competing (if I did start one, the goals would be someone different anyway). The reason I mentioned this was that I feel it's important to be open and honest with people.

I have really enjoyed working behind the scenes, and I considered the "owner" status to be one of the greatest honours one can possibly have in such a wonderful set of communities, but at this point I feel that I'm no longer enjoying these communities, and it saddens me greatly that the attack was mishandled so badly.


Fidem Turbāre, your friend and past "owner" (demotion not approved) of the big "atheism" community.

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