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Numérotation des lignes dans Google docs
Can some one tell me if this is possible in Docs?
APA - number each line of the Doc.

Thank in advance. 

Vous connaissez #OpenRefine ou #GoogleRefine ? Peut être utile pour le traitement et l'analyse de texte ? Je vous laisse installer le programme sur tous les systèmes y compris Linux et on reprend ensuite, les personnes intéressées peuvent poster ici bien entendu

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testé aussi avec google sheets
fonctionne avec les contacts
We LOVE the new task assignment feature in Google Docs! 

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Dear All

I am trying to convert a Google Docs document in to HTML, but in some instance Bold is getting introduced.

Please advice, is this a bug in Google Docs or whether i am going some thing wrong.

The below is the code i am using:

var ui = DocumentApp.getUi();
var forDriveScope = DriveApp.getStorageUsed(); //needed to get Drive Scope requested
var docID = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().getId();

var url = ""+docID+"&exportFormat=html";

var param = {
method : "get",
headers : {"Authorization": "Bearer " + ScriptApp.getOAuthToken()},

var html = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url,param).getContentText();

var NewFile = DriveApp.getRootFolder().createFile(docID+'XML', html, MimeType.HTML);

ModDilog(NewFile.getId() + '&FileID=' + docID)

Saai Murugan

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Bonjour, comment écrire l'expression régulière qui trouve une expression située à un commencement de phrase et non pas à l'intérieur d'une phrase ou d'une plus grande expression ? 

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Explore in Docs is a useful tool that can be used worldwide, in all forms of industry and at all levels of education. In the Google Research Blog post linked below, we learn more about the algorithms behind Explore in Docs, developed by the Google Coauthor and Apps teams.

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Hi, I just published an open source Google Docs add-on for inserting URLs and automatically put a link with the title. I attached the article and source code there.

Hope it helps!
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