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Welcome to the war of elements vs shifters where you can either be a user of one element or a shifter of one creature. Before you join, I would like to go over some additional information as well as rules.

~No Bullying
~No Spam
~No Sexism
~No Racism
~No Hentai Roleplay (romance is fine but don't go to that level)
~No Godmode
~No killing a player on the spot (unless the roleplay says so or if the player allows you to)

The Elements
These are the elements that are allowed to be used. You can only choose one or two, nothing more, so be sure to make a wise decision.


The Shifters
The shifters are people who can turn into one animal or mythical creature. As I said, you can only choose one or two, these are just a few examples but feel free to experiment. I am also allowing those who are dragons and serpents to be able to use a rare power of an element as well as give shifters the ability to shift into other humans.


Everyone must make a profile and have it approved before you can comment/roleplay. You can have up to five profiles. Alright, here's the information your profile must have to be approved.

Species: (element user or shifter)

You can make it as detailed as you want just make sure you have this information. Have fun role-playing.

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Are you a shifter or an elementalist?

Sorry but I can't decide and I'm against hybrids, because I don't like OP people and stuff.
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Hybrid (me: •-•)

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(+Spider Queen Lets continue this here)

He was flying over the fields while the others were walking on the ground he laughs even though he sounds like a crow

(+Spider Queen)
Ace was at the slave trade it was about his turn to step up to the place to be sold off again to another Elemental to do there work for them he walks up to the stage and the bide starts when you...

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Name: Ace

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Shifter

Creature: Wolf and crow

Appearance: Picture

Likes: Being free

Dislikes: Being a slave

Personality: He is a quiet and calm person listening to the orders and doing them

Weakness: Metal

Bio: When Ace was a boy he was cheerful and happy but when he got to about 5 he was swept up by an Elemental who was in the slave trade they took shifters and used there animal powers to do what they would like he was sold to an unforgiving Owners where he learned to watch his mouth and take orders he has been sold around since then


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Rose was walking threw the woods with a huge stick in both hands, she walks like that until a large closely packed bunch of tree come up. Rose then jumps up to a semi high branch and dropping one side of the stick to the ground her short red hair covers up half of her face as she doodles into the dirt and leaves
((Open rp please ask before joining))
((And yes I reuse a lot of pictures))

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((Finally another profile!! the bio was rushed so i plan on editing this in the future))

Name: Skye Seishin

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Species: User

Element/Creature: Wind, and Illusions.

Appearance: long jet black hair, bright green eyes, 6'0 ft, muscular build

Likes: fun, messing with people, music, winning, letting loose, snakes.

Dislikes:Ducks, cocky people, ducks, silence.

Personality: insane, happy most of the tome, sarcastic, extrovert ((Exept aftter a melt down))

Weapons: Two pistols, a katana, and many throwing knifes.

Abilities: With her wind: She can blow a large amount of wind at a 360 degree radius around her but after so many she can only aim in one direction, along with lifting her self up and flying a short distance.
Illusions: She can make you feel and see thing aslong as she has you under her control, sometimes if she works long enough she can work down to your biggest fears, but she can again only use this for so long before it starts draining on her life force.
Plus she has an abnormal healing rate along with super human speed and senses,

Weakness: Sh cant use her illusion power on physic abilities, along with earth that can absorb her hits with wind, but ice is also a bad sign for her on the playing fields.

Bio: Skye grew up with her adoptive family, who wasn't the happiest bunch. Her adoptive father was a drunk, and always passed out while there "mother" was abusing her and the other kids. Every time they went out her mother would try her best to cover up the scabs and bruises as much as possible. So Skye ran away at the age of 11, she wasn't that caught up in the war so a few shifters cornered her and threatened her. She then screamed in a cry for help when a burst of wind blasted from her fists and blew them back, and killed them. Another was lurking around the corner, he then grabbed her, taking her to a hidden house that everyone thought was abandoned. He wouldn't let her lea, but she didn't want to. After many year of training, in her abilities, weapons, and MMA she was released. She went back to her "Parents" and killed them, or basically made them kill each other in the bathroom. To this day she still visits that man, and still has no idea what side of the war he is on. 
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Skye was walking around the edge of the forest around a lake that few people liked to go to very often, but she loved it. After a bit of walking around she steps closer to the body of water, she slips off her tennisshoes feeling the moist dirtt between her toes. She then walks faster and takes off her shirt and pants revealing her dark blue and bright green two peice bathing suit and runs the the edge of the water.
((Open rp please ask before joining))

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Name: Please, call me Magnum

Gender: Female

Age: That's quite rude, but I am 19 years of age

Species: A Element of course

Element/Creature: Purple fire is my specialty, but I don't mind using metal or electricity on the rare occasion

Appearance: Da picture below

Likes: My Axe, my library, my armor that I created myself~

Dislikes: Hm...Shifters are a nuisance, so I pick them

Personality: Thinks high of herself and everyone she meets until they prove they do not deserve her trust and protection. Loves sushi and other exotic foods that she has never tried.

Weapons: My lovely Axe and my throwing knives, I only use those when some takes away my poor Axe~

Abilities: Can turn her skin into a thick piece of metal.
Her Axe can light into a purple flame.
Had a electric pulse that can kill all enemies two feet around her.
Her knives will be enchanted with her powers at random times.
(Warning- More powers will be added if a solid RP has gone on for long enough)

Weakness: Icky water, the stuff just drowns my flames

Bio: She was born in the small town of Burlence, primarily a town of

Elements. Her father being a swordsman from the army taught her how

to wield and control her powers to her liking. Her mother on the other

hand was a kind woman who never touched a weapon in her life. By the

age of 13, a plague had tore the town away, taking her mother's life

quickly as her father left for war. She soon began working for highly

want criminals in the black market, the mafia and other gangs and

villains. She never truly loved her work though, and now she is looking

for a new Charge (Person to guard). She doesn't take on Charges for

money, or power, she takes them on because she trusts them.


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Ice was at the gate to a village when the guards tried to stop him Halt! They get one world out before there frozen in around 10 minutes the village is covered in snow and ice after a couple of days the villages around that one are desperate for answers thats where you come in you stand at the gate of the village deciding weather or not to go in...
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