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Happy Halloween :)

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anime amnesia
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It's been a while since I have been on here, but I have big news for the Bakugan Community. Spin master has just confirmed that Bakugan will be revived.

Read more here:!

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Yeah just HOWWWW???!!

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I never quite like Alice...
I think ShunxFabia is wayyyyyy better.

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brawlers drawings   sorry  if some are burrly carmaon tablet moved 
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skyress ya something  i made in  my free time in dec or nov  i just  got able to uplode it i used my gma's tablet  it  made form clayi didn't have anuff to get all detaily but  i did my best and  had to repair the wings do to my sis cat so if it look bad sworry

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name : kira sheen
age 11
atrubutes darkus and pryus
race Neathian
bakugan Horridian and Lumagrow
like bakugan mustves  , giveing people a hard time sometimes
personaly mistives  can be nice  like to give u a hard time (wean bord)   smart mouthed quite
dislikes  kinght training , being bored or bossed aound
bio kira is a young neathian who spota be in training to be a casle knight  but she has a thing for mustve and being up to kow going sometimes or would come in late  she loves to brawl and hanging  out trying to get out of her tran but useal gets in troulbe and end up doing it

I just finished watching the whole Gundalian Invaders series.....idk what to do with my life anymore..😩😞😵😖😔 The last episode made me cry.....
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