Dr. Nilambar Biswal , agreat Indian Enlish poet from Odisha. He is the son of Mr. Brahmanand & Mrs. Chhayamani Biswal. NATIVE  PLACE  : Chhelia (A) , Barsahi, Mayurbhanj . SERVICE  PLACE :  Mainly   Odisha , Andhra Pradesh , Madhya Pradesh & Gujrat.  AWARDS  ACHIEVED  :  50 above awards achieved including National & Inter National like BHAKTI  KUSUMA,  UTKAL  SANTAN,  KUSUMA SHREE , MANASWEENI ,  SARANG KABI , PARYAVARAN  RATNA, FATHER  OF  RHYTHM GRAMMAR  e.t.c.Recently  he achieved  world record  for his CALENDER by his own name .His  hundred above books  are  published till now.  10,000 above  times  his  stories, quotations, English teachings , thoughts , proverbs , morals of the dayNews have  been  published  in Indian  English , Odiya , telugu & hindi leading News Papers in many states .  
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