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Hubungi Kami di : 081 323 770 626 ( Simpati ) 085 939 142000 (XL)
Berikut produk yang tersedia di
Total Station :
-Total Station Sokkia CX-101, CX-102, CX-103, CX-105, CX-105c
-Total Station Sokkia FX-101, FX-102, FX-103, FX-105, IM-52, IM-55, SET-65
-Total Station Topcon GTS-255N, GTS-102N, GTS-250 Series
-Total Station Topcon ES-101, ES-102, ES-103, ES-105, ES-62, ES-65
-Total Station Topcon OS-101, OS-102, OS-103, OS-105, GM-52, GM-55, GM-100
-Total Station Nikon DTM-322, NPL322+2”P
-Total Station Nikon Nivo 1M, 2M,3M, 5M
-Total Station Nikon Nivo 5C, 3C,2C, 1C
-Total Station Geo Fennel Theo Dist F
-Total Station Pentax R-1502, R-1505
-Total Station Gowin TKS 202N
-Total Station Cygnus KS-102
-Total Station South NTS-352L
-Total Station Hi-Target ZTS-320R
-Total Station Ruide RTS 822A, 822R

Digital Theodolite :
-Sokkia DT-740, DT-540,
-Topcon DT-205, DT-205L, DT-209, DT-209L
-Nikon NE-100, NE-101, NE-102, NE-103
-South ET-02-ET-02L
-Ruide ET-02, ET-02L
-Pentax ETH-502
-My Surv DT-202C
– GeoMAX ZIPP-02

Automatic Level atau Waterpas :
-Sokkia B-20, B-30, B-40, B-20A, B-30A, B-40A
-Topcon ATB-2, ATB-3, ATB-4, AT-B2A, AT-B3A, AT-B4A
-Nikon AS-2C, AE-7, AP-8, AC-2S, AX-2S
-Pentax AP-228
-Geo Fennel FAL 24
-Leica NA 332, NA 324, NA 320
-Digital Level Orion 2LS
-Digital Level GEOMAX ZDL700

GPS Handheld :
-Garmin GPSMAP 64sc, 62s,64S
-Garmin GPSMAP 78s
-Garmin GPS Oregon 750 kamera 3.2 MP
-Garmin GPS Montana 680 kamera 5 MP
-Garmin GPS e-Trex 10,20,30
-Garmin GPS Rino 610
-Garmin Nuvi 1350, Nuvi 50LM,
-Garmin GPS Aera 500, Aera 550
-Magellan Explorist 610

Gps Marine :
-Garmin GPSMAP 4012
-Garmin GPSMAP 2108
-Garmin GPSMAP 585
-Garmin GPS 128
-Garmin Radar GMR-18
-Garmin GSD 22
-Garmin Antena GA 30
-Garmin Kabel Transduser
-Garmin Fishfinder Echo 100,300c,500c, 585

Alat Survey Laser Meter :
– Leica DISTO X310
– Leica DISTO D510
– Leica DISTO D810
– Leica DISTO D910
– Leica DISTO D2
– Leica DISTO A6

Alat Survey Meteran :
-Meteran Dorong TOGOSHI
-Meteran Dorong CLL-400 CLL-300 CLL-200
-Meteran Tajima Baja 50M, 100M
-Meteran Yamayo Baja 50M, 100M
-Meteran Komelon Baja 50M, 100M

Alat Survey Geologi / Pertambangan :
-Compass Brunton 5008, 5006, 5010
-Palu Geologi Estwing Pipih/ sediment
-Palu Geologi Estwing Runcing/ Rock
-Lup 10X20
-Buku Survey RR
-Plastik Sample

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Khusus Menyediakan: Penjualan, Penyewaan / Rental, Service Dan Kalibrasi Layanan Peralatan Survey Dan Pemetaan Seperti Total Station, Theodolite, Waterpass, GPS dan Kompas
Kami Memberikan Layanan Pelatihan Gratis untuk para konsumen yang belum memahami cara menggunakan alat seperti Total station , Theodolite , Waterpas dan Gps Untuk yang berminat segera hub bapak agus via SMS /TLP /WA di : 082110287745,

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UP-1000 All Carbon Fiber Mechatronic Quadrotor UAV

UP-1000 Quadrotor UAV is a mid-size multifunctional UAV. It’s airframe is made of carbon fiber. The fuselage、top cap、arm、landing gear and motor bracket are all designed with structure of lightweight and high strength. We adopt direct-connect(detachable) structure in the arms’ making , so the ability of flight attitude is greatly improved. With UP-1000, you can load optical devices to realize functions of zoom、follow focus、photo taking and video recording. These make it available to fulfill missions like anti-terrorism、traffic planning、 forest fire protection、power line inspection and film aerial photography. UP-1000 is a multi-use quadrotor UAV according to its excellent cruise duration and wind resistance ability.
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8 inch Rugged tablet, IP67 with digitizer pen. Of course, you can choose some extra features you need, like NFC, 1D/ 2D barcode, RFID-UHF, LF, Zigbee, GPS+Glonass or high precision. Need more info, email to Penelope:  Skype: penelope.soten

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Click the link to see the video. That is evidence, even though the Car pressure over our rugged.!!! waterproof, dropproof, dustproof, 
This is our fully rugged tablet- T70. 8MP Camera, IP66/IP67 rating, 7" / 8” screens with sleeve holders So that the person working with the unit can palm grip the units, Good sunlight readability. Preferably capacitive touch screen. 3G modem, GPRS, Bluetooth, WIFI, Good battery life, can up to 1m-1.5m accuracy. there have different optional module for you, like Glonass/ GPS, NFC, RFID-LF HF UHF, Zigbee, 1D/ 2D barcode, ect..
For more info, pls contact: Skype: penelope.soten

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Rugged tablets deliver a long life span that will drive TCO costs down over the lifetime of the tablet. Return on investment is measured in greatly improved staff productivity and optimized deployment of field service teams, and in less tangible ways, especially through greatly increased accuracy of data capture.       ( via

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Is this strictly something that is based in Asia? Do other companies do something similar to states in the United States? I would like to know because it seems like a really interesting job. 
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