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lets start off with questions!
what is humanity?
who is a humanitarian?
what does it take to be a humanitarian?
Are you a humanitarian?
Humanity been the heart and soul of love is found in actions and not feeling. we can feel sad about a situation all day but what makes the difference is what we do about the situation. every human being has the potential to be filed with humanity because we all know sadness, happiness and have an inner soul who searches for peace joy and love. these are the components of you been human. these things will not come from the walls we have build around us but from us exercising our humanness. a broken heart, bittered heart, hurtful heart, confused heart can only be healed with love. love was never meant to be a feeling but an action with a byproduct of feelings. God knew that the only way he could change the human heart and bring it back to him despite all the hurt was to show love. and it works like a charm. because we know how loved we are by the heavenly father our hearts are healed we become inspired, we live without fear and we are able to give love. for we love him because he first loved us. a broken heart, a stressful heart an angry heart can be changed by your actions of love which is seen by you excising your humanness. you don't have to fly across the country to a remote or developing country to exercise humanity, it is within you. while waiting in line in the grocery store or bank instead of flipping down your phone checking emails, facebook, twitter or texting you can chose to be present,  acknowledge the next human with a smile or a hi or how are you or just feel the presence of another because you might just save a heavy heart, an angry heart, or a sorrowful heart. we suffer violent in our society today because of hearts that have been too heavy, too broken, too angry, too confused. my mom will always say charity begins at home. Yes you are a humanitarian because you are human and have a heart and soul we just need to practice our humanness. in honor of MLK jr, Mahatma Gandhi, and all other humanity leaders, may humanity be put into action, for change is a cause and effect principle.

I know you have heard of the saying seek he first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things will be added to you! Most of the time we use the first and the last part but throw out the middle part. We even tell ourselves seek the kingdom of God and everything else will be added to it! forgetting the righteousness part. Off course the hardest part. the part we don't wanna think of or become defensive about it. but the truth is the sentence will never be comp...lete or true without the righteousness part. obviously no human can be righteous by Him or herself thats why God said seek first the kingdom. After seeking him and having a relationship with him then he helps us as we seek righteousness. when we seek something we are looking for or finding something. sometimes in the act of finding we come across things that we couldn't find b4. and we exclaim "OMG look at this thing I've been looking for all this while". God helps us to seek righteousness thats why the righteousness comes after seeking the kingdom. It is not a piece of cake to find it is Hard, one of the hardest things but he calls us to him so he can help us in the process of seeking. as we try to find righteousness with his help he reveals things we thought were lost or weren't even there! i believe the middle part is what justifies the sentence. He is not only calling us to know him but also for him to reveal his might and glory in our lives! An intimate relationship with him! Hold on to his promises for this is one of them! Stay bless...........truly blessed

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From grace to more grace

Just thought to share this with you. It's from the archives and fresh. Hmm...

A retired sportsman can give a talk on the game he used to play. He, most likely, will know all the technicalities and rules of the game. He could be so emotional and feel so strongly about it. In fact, he can do a jig (piece of skill) or two when the emotions and adrenaline are high. But he is no more a sportsman; he can't play competitively and he will be easily floored if he attempted to. No matter how good he was, He is now RETIRED!

So it is with the Christian who doesn't daily renew his strength by communing with The Father in the Word and in Prayer. He might know the language, he might know the rules, he might know what he ought to do and not do; in fact he might preach so strongly, emotion-laden, about it. But he won't have the strength to practice it; the devil, sin, and circumstances will floor him if he tries to.

You can't just 'store up' faith. It is part of your daily living. The just shall live by faith (Heb. 10:38). Every moment of the life of the just requires faith, utilizes faith. So you are in need of a constant replacement of faith. You can't store up your breath, can you? How then do you attempt to live on yesterday's faith?

So, before you step out any day, please be reasonable - renew your faith. If you have already started today on the wrong foot, don't hold up your 'spiritual breath' too long. Let out the foul air and get some fresh breath #InHisPresense. Or you are planning on getting retired now? I think not. Please, it makes perfect sense.
Remain Blessed.

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