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To be, or not to be-- that is the question
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#figurephotochallenge: Common Challenge

Taking a few shots of #Parfom #Momohime before going to bed.
Not too happy with one of the photos, but I like how the other 2 turned out!

#figurephoto #GSC #GoodSmileCompany #Oboro_Muramasa #Phat #shotonmylumia #shotwithmylumia #TOMSenpaiNoticeMe #TokyoOtakuMode
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A cute lady wields a sharp blade. Keep your distance!

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I tried to keep a common thread by using the weapon, female subject, and bright background

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#figurephotochallenge : Common Challenge.

Sometimes a photo can weave a tenuous story just by its juxtaposition next to something else.

Take a look at this week's primer photo. Your submission should have something to do with this photo. Perhaps it's the same character, or the color scheme is the same. Maybe it's a scene that happens right before or after the photo. Or it could simply be that the aesthetics of your photo is similar to this one.

The reasons can be numerous and it's completely up to you to explain to us the common connection between this photo and yours.

As always, get creative, have fun, and tag it with #figurephotochallenge!

Deadline : Sunday 11:59pm NUT

Photo Credit : Leafa by HakumenWk :
Photo Note : So much energy in this photo.

#figurephotochallenge #commonchallenge

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#figurephotofavorite : +Olivia Coconut's Lucas (Color: Red).

It's as if a scene in a TV show that has the hero color blocked in bright primary colors to showcase some actions and conundrums. Will he survive, will he escape, what will he do next. The red just evokes a sense of drama in this scene.

2 in a row for Olivia now.

Other notables:
+Leopaul del Rosario's Maki Nishikino :
+Don Yang's Counseling :
+Nick Tran's Saber :

⌘ Submissions: 5 (from 5 participants)
⌘ Challenge (Color: Red):
⌘ Ripple:
⌘ Poll:
⌘ Previously:

#figurephotofavorite #openchallenge

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These color challenges are tough 😅
• Lucas amiibo •

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There's actually quite a lot more red in Reimu's outfit than I thought.
#figurephotochallenge: Hakurei Reimu (Color: Red).

Back to Reimu and her red toned outfit.

This week's #figurephotochallenge - Color: Red :
This week's #figurephotofavorite - WALL•E :
This month's #figurephotoripple: September :
This week's #figurephotopoll: TBA
Figure Photography Community:


#figurephotos #figurephotochallenge #color #red

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