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The app went live yesterday! This group will continue to exist as a discussion forum for the app. Members will also be able to test and receive new beta releases before the official releases.

v22 is just published and should be pushed to your phones shortly. (You can verify the version number in the about-screen). The update mainly consist of bug-fixes / crash-prevention.

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A quick intro to the game: 

So this is a new multiplayer play-money Chinerse Poker app for Android. Chinese Poker, or Pusoy, is a casual variety of Poker well suited for mobile turn-based playing since it does not involve any betting. You can read the rules of the game at Wikipedia:

To get started playing you need to learn the basic rules and the roalties implemented in this game. A quick round up of them:

Back: +6 for royal straight flush, +4 for straight flush, +2 for four of a kind. 
Middle: +4 for four of a kind, +2 for house
Front: +2 for three of a kind

If you win all three sets, you get a scoop score of +3 in addition to the regular 3.

If you misset your hand (for instance middle hand worse than front) you are punished with "fault" - the same as being scooped.

Happy playing!

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I also allow discussions in Norwegian. 

Dere må gjerne poste på norsk så lenge vi er i flertall :)

Any feedback and discussion in this community is encouraged:
- Errors reports -  major or minor.
- Suggestion for improvements
- Discussion of the game or the rules
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