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OK going to do a role play account a new or a old one so which one should I do?

1. Someone from my Monster Team book series. So you guys can know more about before reading the book series.

2. Someone from my top favorite TV show Teen Wolf. Which I know so much about.

3. Someone from The Originals my second favorite TV show. The one I'm almost done watching season three. Only got 20 more episodes.

4. Or someone from the Hunger Games. My favorite book series and movies.

5. Other you just have to comment which fandom.

Your turn to pick. I don't care you pick. Due when I wake up tomorrow.
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The Monster Team
Teen Wolf
The Originals
Hunger Games
Other comment below

I love Nicole.

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Love this show

Tiffany does look like Vanessa.

I love my Jamesie. I love him. Yay

Michelle is a smart one. I like her. I am hope she gets far.

OK I love Nicole's team and Michelle. I hope go far in the show.

Omg noooooooooo! Nocile nooooo! I am done so done. Please don't leave.

I hate Bronte she better leave soon. I don't like her at all. Please leave. To weird for me.

I kind of voting for Michelle and Tiffany. But Nicole is my homie.
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