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The OC I'm signing up
Mah new OC!!

Name: Blue Nutmeg

Nickname : Nutmeg, Nut, Meg By close friends

Age : 16

Gender : Female

Species : Pegasus

Power : Flying.

Eyes: Dark gray-red
Mane: medium ponytail with bangs. Colors; blue, brown. Pink band.
Tail: ponytail. Pink band. Blue and brown
Coat: light blue
Wings: blue-greenish top. Ocean blue feathers with dark brown splatter on bottom.

Personality: Silly, fun, loving, positive. Stubborn, but happy. A awesome friend, if you can get under her shell.

Likes: Whizz the squirrel. Real friends. Having fun. Being around over ponies like her (Pegasi).

Dislikes: Long trips. Being surrounded by cooks. Earth ponies a little. Learning spices.

Dimond Heart. Pegasus. Female
Sunset Flare. Pegasus. Female
Sunrise Maddness. Unicorn. Female
Violet Song. Earth Pony. Female
BFF Whizz. Squirrel. Male

Family : Disappeared when Nut was 12

Hometown: island away from Equestria.

Current home: Outskirts of Ponyville

Bio: There once was an island. A small, pretty island. But it was always gray. And yet everyone was happy. Blue Nutmeg was born different. In a family of hourses, she was a pony. In a place if earth ponies, she was a Pegasus. In a world of gray, she was blue. From a family of cooks, she was a junk-yarder. In a family of happiness, she was sad. For Nut was different. Because of the brown on her tip of her wings she was made fun of. On school days, she would often go running out of the class before it was over from shame. At age 5, Nutmeg made her first friend. A squirrel named Whizz. She and Whizz stayed together, and still are best friends. While the story about her wings grew, so did she. Nutmeg gained speed, and learned how to fly by a friendly crow. Everyone was scared that she would fall, but Nut wasn't afriad. She became the fastest pony on her island. Nut spent her the rest of her childhood in a restaurant, learning spices. When she was 10, she knew all of them. When she turned 12, humans came. They took her family, and everything. Only Nutmeg and Whizz were left. They left, Blue Nutmeg flying with Whizz on her back. They flew for days, stopping here and there to eat and drink. Finally, she came to a peaceful land, where there were ponies the look like her and could fly, and had horns and magic. Nutmeg gained her cutie mark, and has lived with Whizz since then in her paradise

CM meaning: A tough shell with love and happiness inside
Why: Because of her long journey to paradise, with only Whizz.

((Original art credit = +Sky Rain​))
((Edited art credit = Me))
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All hail the best princess luna!

You guys suck as a community. Come on. I know you can do better

Hm, how to improve this community.

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Name: Umbra Nights
Species: Nox Bat Pony(see Bio)
Age: mid 20's
Gender: appears male......

Bio: I am shy and stay to the back of groups. My subspecies of bat pony was born from the war...from the need for covert bats that can see in perfect darkness....and able to use basic shape-shifting.. they are Luna's children sot o speak and call her mother.
I Am looking for someone to rp with (skype:Furry_Fox3 , Secondlife: Ryo.Schism)  hit me up...i-if that is ok..
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