Just wondering if anyones ever hitch hiked with a dog before and if so how hard is it? I want to go to texas but my little dogs my best buddy and i wont leave her

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Homeless Survival Tip: Personal Hygiene with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap (Part 1)

Fixinng to head to san angelo texas hope its a good place

Been homeless a while always adding to the file.
See I carry this life on my back in a really big pack! Some flee in drugs some to the sea.
Millions are just like me. Paid so many taxes in this land not so free. One paycheck away from this highway. Protect and serve not the word. The elite always groveling at their feet!!
Shareholders need Profit! More Profit!! They always need Profit. This is a big problem with Capitalism!! The worker can be replaced with a machine. When nobody is left but the shareholders Profitability will be a non factor
((new)) fix This is no longer a possibility. Capitalism as we knew it must die.
Even if there was a way to remove government subsidy of these mega corporations.
The elite have already cashed in worthless paper for solid gold or other hard assets.
If this system crashed today the elite would not suffer! The poor and what is left of the middle class will bare the burden.
After a short period of complete chaos and the starvation, death of millions.
These Old Families with very old gold will buy back the Throne and we will hang up this phone.
Creation of jobs??
Let's think about that!!!
Self driving cars, busses, trains, trucks and planes!!
Thirty Six million jobs lost !
Farm tractors, lawnmowers, combines, seaders, spreaders all heavy and light construction and farming equipment completely automated!!!
Sixty million jobs lost!!!
Online stores!! No need for small local stores of any sort!! All in one warehouse with completely automated pickers and loaders of autonomous vehicles!!?
Thirty two million jobs lost!!
Building?? Three D printers now printing super luxury condominiums and warehouses!?
Eighty Six million jobs lost!!
Fast food and convenient stores?? Now are completely automated Do not apply!!!!
Groceries?? If you can't print what you need call a drone to your home services now available!!!!
And for the Great Capitalists?? Not much left that hasn't been exploited!! T
See we the people have no jobs!!
Millions on the public dole!!
The end goal of capitalism¿?
Was there any thought to what happens at the end????
People think of your children and the next seven generations!!!
Are we the living caretakers of this Earth?? Are we doing everything possible to insure a better quality of life for future generations???
What is left???

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I am Homeless and I really need help to replace my old Merrell Moab mid Waterproof hiking boot after last heavy rain storms in Southern California? and I have ended up up Foot fungal infection : athlete's feet. and I have to buy 2 tubes of athlete's feet cream at Walmart. and I had to to destroy (put an end to the existence) my Merrell Moab waterproof mid Boot of 3+ year of use in the Rainy Season in Southern California. and One thing about being Homeless is to have Dry Feet and Clean Socks. and Please help me with a generous donation of $20.00 or more to help my with new Oboz Men's Sawtooth Mid BDry hiking Boot? and I am living on SSDI and SSI. and I also have to replace my Superfeet Green Insoles with new insoles.

In about a week im gonna be homeless will be bicycling from arkansas to new mexico anyone wanna join me im a nice guy dont put on alot of miles a day and have my own income but safety in numbers and all girls welcome to no funny stuff requured just company

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4 Rules of Homelessness ---

1 - Keep moving around.
2 - When you find a good spot,
DON'T tell a lot of people.
3 - You only get to keep
what you can carry with you.
4 - Dump trash in the LAST place
you were kicked out of.


If you look back 30 years ago:
Buying more food for the kitchens & beds for the shelters --- (bandaids)
didn't help stop the increase then,
and now all the M's spent
WON'T FIX the ECONOMIC IMBALANCE  that has been causing  the  "housing crisis"  that's  just now being  realized.

Having dealt with Santa Rosa's  ILLEGAL LAW & growing  inappropriate police behavior since 1991 -
I  (along with thousands) WILL REFUSE TO PAY "LANDOWNER SUPPORT"  to not support  the flawed system  that has BEEN  raising the cost of housing  SO MUCH MORE than income levels  for  DECADES!!  It would have been cheaper (for fewer) earlier on.

NOW ---
regardless  of  how much is spent, it can NEVER
BE CORRECTED  (at least for most of us)!

This morning I have posted about the Hummingbird at My Camping spot. On a Hummingbird Group.

I got this Question about: "you are homeless but still have the internet? That's good"

I said this: Wow How do you have Internet if you're Homeless you just Said: and I have a LG Stylo 2 plus Smartphone from MetroPCS Smartphone and HP Chromebook 11.6 I n laptop and I am on SSI and SSDI for Schizoaffective Bipolar type and ADHD since 10-1994 and It called free Wi-Fi Hotspots at McDonald's, Taco Bell, Panera Bread, KFC, Library, Starbucks, El Polo loco, Jack in the Box, Walmart, Wendy's , And My Mom is on my MetroPCS Smartphone plan $92.00 a month and I pay $47.00 my payment is $45.00 and we both have 10GB Hotspot and I not here for my Homelessness and I am also a Homeless Advocate for Survival

I have a few questions about if you was Homeless in Southern California for 22+ years on SSDI and SSI for Schizoaffective Bipolar type and ADHD and would you start saving money for a Amtrak Train ticket from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida to start fresh in life?

I would find a Place to live or with a friend

My Friend of mine who is Ex-Homeless has a 2 Bedroom apartment in Orlando, FL and I know how to find resources and I use to be Homeless in Tampa/Clearwater, FL and Winter Haven, FL from 11-1991 to 2-1992 and My Mom lives in St Petersburg, FL

Thanks again

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