Here's another playlist

1.MC5-Kick Out The Jams
2.The Stooges-T.V. Eye
3.Richard Hell-Blank Generation
4.The Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop
5.The Damned-New Rose
6.The Clash-Garageland
7.Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer
8.Frantix-My Dad's A Fucking Alcoholic
9.Cracked Actor-Nazi School
10.The Screamers-122 Hours Of Fear
11.Subhuman (Canada)-Slave To My Dick
12.Sex Pistols-God Save The Queen
13.Stiff Little Fingers-78 RPM
14.Snot Puppies-TV Tantrum
15.Maggots-Let's Get Tammy Wynette
16.The Queers (England)- At The Mall
17.Black Flag-Jealous Again
18.Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles
19.Circle Jerks-Wasted
20.The Adicts-Viva La Revolution
21.X-Soul Kitchen
22.Agent Orange-Bloodstains [Darkness Version]
23.The Misfits-Astro Zombies
24.The Descendents-Bikeage
25.Billy Idol-Dancing With Myself
26.Fear-New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones
27.Social Distortion-Anti-Fashion
28.Anti Nowhere League-We Are The League
29.Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized
30.Youth Brigade-Sink With California
31.Minutemen-Viet Nam
32.Flipper-Ha Ha Ha
33.Husker Du-Don't Wanna Know If You Are Lonely
34.MDC-Slow, Stupid And Hungry
35.Minor Threat-Out Of Step
36.Offspring-Jennifer Lost The War
37.The Lookouts-I Saw Her Standing There
38.Reagan Youth-Reagan Youth
39.Operation Ivy-The Crowd
40.Bad Religion- 21 Century Digital Boy
41.Pennywise-Bro Hymn
42.Screeching Weasel-My Brain Hurts
43.Propagahndi-Ska Sucks
44.Butthole Surfers-Some Dispute Of T-Shirt Sales
46.NOFX-Don't Call Me White
47.Good Riddance-Flies First Class
48.Greenday-Long View
49.Lagwagon-Burry The Hatchet
50.MxPx-Punk Rock Show
51.Tilt-Leanin' Like A barn
52.Rancid-Time Bomb
53.Less Than Jake-Automatic
55.Anti-Flag-Die For The Government
57.Me First And The Gimme Gimmes-Seasons In The Sun
58.The Vandals-Cafe 405
59.Chocking Victim-500 Channels
60.Reel Big Fish-Sell Out
61.Voodoo Glow Skulls-They Always Come Back
62.Dropkick Murphys-Boys On The Dock
63.Guttermouth-Can I Borrow Some Ambition
64.ALL-She Broke My Dick
65.Randy-Addicts Of Communication
66.Flogging Molly-Drunken Lullabies
67.Leftover Crack-Clear Channel (Fuck Off!)
68.No Doubt-Oi To The World
69.ArnoCorps-Running Man
70.D.O.A-Police Brutality
71.Joe Queer And The Nobodys-Walk Like An Egyptian
73.Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine-The Brown Lipstick Parade

New Playlist

1.Reel Big Fish-Another F.U. Song
2.Dead Kennedys-I Kill Children
3.Black Flag-Rise Above
4.Fear-New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones
5.Zolar X-Timeless
6.Lagwagon-Tragic Vision
7.Suicidal Tendencies-Subliminal
8.Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon-Burgers Of Wrath
9.Less Than Jake-Automatic
10.Agent Orange-Blood Stains [darkness version]
11.Minutemmen-Viet Nam
12.Pennywise-Perfect People
13.Screeching Weasel-Love
14.The Adolescents-I Hate Children
15.The Exploited-Punks Not Dead
16.The Ramones-I Don't Wanna Grow Up
17.The Dickies-Eve Of Destruction
18.The Stooges-ATM
19.Real McKenzies-Pour Decisions
20.Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster
21.MDC-Corporate Death Burger
22.The Queers-Ben Weasel
23.Social Distortion-The Creeps

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Haven't posted in a little while so here's an album recommendation
First Issue-Public Image Limited
This is one of my all time favorite albums

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Two punk Christmas albums to get you in the aggressive spirit
Christmas Songs-Bad Religion
Oi To The World! -The Vandals
Its funny that an all atheist band made a Christmas album like that (bad religion)
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Here's 2 bonus playlist I recommend making
Im having a good day
You're welcome ^~^
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Oi to the punks!
Oi to the emos!
Oi to the world!
Happy Christmas season guys!

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