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Hello, and welcome to the community!
I know we are a adopt community, but we have to have some rules.
I recommend reading them before you start posting.
1) No spamming! Do not post spam here! We try to keep our community free of trash! Spam includes (but is not limited too) the repost or die or repost if you care. If the moderators catch you posting spam here, you will get a ban warning! 3 times, and you will be banned!
2) No NSFW! We try to keep out community clean. If you wouldn't show it to a 9 year old, don't show it here! You will get one ban warning, and if we catch you again, it will result in a ban.
3) No stealing! If we catch you stealing, it will result in an automating ban!
4) Have a positive attitude! Please do not be rude towards the adopt owner. If you don't get an adopt you wanted, remember there will be more than one adopt you like. Constructive criticism is always welcome though! If e find you with a negative attitude, you will be given a ban warning. % ban warnings will result in a ban.
5) Please be fair! When offering on adopts, please be fair, offer the amount it is worth. When selling adopts, don't make the sb too high, price it at a considerable price.
6) Don't over share! Please only share your adoptable in this community once and hour! You can post multiple adopts in an hour, but please don't reshare them within the same our that you posted it in. if that makes sense
7) Try to post stuff in the correct category. If you don't know what category to post in, please say so in the post, and one of the mods will move it.

That is all of the rules I can think of right now, so if you have rule suggestions, tell me in the comments!

Any questions? leave a comment, or ask a mod!

Moderator team (will be updated when we get more mods):
Me (High Tide (bluetracy17)
+Sketching Scamper


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Help this place get to 200 members!

This community has almost everything da offers, but we also discuss problems with it, and much more!

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Opta only!

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Heyyy I bought this guy a while go and I never drew 'em so can I get some art? tanks fam

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AhhhhhhhHhHhHHHHHH OK so I need 2000 point like rlly bad rn, so if anyone could donate that would be great. If u give me over 100 points, I will make you a starry cotton trailer custom... Yea ig. Before you ask by I don't just make points myself is bc no one buys my stuff. Any way, please donate to my donation pool in my da which is

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New Adopt Sheet! (Don't have time to add watermark... Just please trust that these are mine.^^) Base credit in pic.
I accept all kinds of payment, but DA points are preferred and are more likely to be accepted. Thought I really need more points, I'm going to keep their price the same as always! (10 pts normal, 15 pts alicorn.) I will, however, be tougher on my art and trades, seeing as, again, I need points.

1= open
2= open
3= open
4= open
5= open
6= open
7= open
8= open
9= open

Alicorn 1= open
Alicorn 2= open
Alicorn 3= open

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Star cotton trailer customs for 30 points.
I really need points
Please buy
Just send me a pallet in the comments

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this account stole a cottonmouth oc i made for silve lagneia and a rosethorn pony i made for +Leli The Cat

and they are trying to sell ocs that do not belong to them, including commissions of art they did not make

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First pony adopt

Name your price, nothing under 15 points please

I didn't really know where to put this, I guess it's kinda OTA/OPTA?
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