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I realize this has more to do with the XDA Labs application and not your app but I'm at a loss of what to do or who to ask. When I click into PayPal to pay for Headunit through XDA Labs, I'm given this. The first time I was given the proper page but I hadn't used PayPal in so long that I had to reset password and by the time I got back to XDA Labs, my session had expired. Except it's been 3 days now and it's still giving me the same session expired page. Is there any other way to download this aside from XDA Labs??? That "return to KC.." button just closes the window and takes you back to XDA Labs.

Hi, first thanks for the great app,and I had a question. I used the latest version, and I was confused with the call mode, it's speaks out through the phone instead of the headuint one.Is there any way to make the call speaks through the headuint one?

+Mike Reid Any plans on updating the github version? I'd like to make a build which starts automatically in self mode, bc everything else didn't really work for me

Hi, anyone tried to connect lg g3 this programm?

I have been playing around with 150724 the last couple of days. So far it works pretty well. One issue though. I always get the USB dialog when I connect my Phone. And although I check the box, it doesn't remember my phone. Any ideas?

HTC One M7 and Nexus 7 2012

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Hi, I just found this app, and I thought I'd give it a try on my LG Gpad 8.3 running unofficial CM 12.1 (temasek's build). It does connect to the phone (nexus 5), but I can't get over this screen, I can tick the "do not display this notice again", but I can't see the "ok" button anywhere. I also tried with a usb keyboard and mouse (I know you don't recommend it, but I just wanted to see if I could just press "enter" for ok), but no luck there.
I also tried to change the dpi, from 190 to 350 the screen is almost the same.
BTW, since online tones may be misleading, and english isn't my native language, this post is meant as a bug report, NOT as a complaint.

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Hi ! :)

I've opened this public group because Google has removed my Headunit app for Android Auto (tm) from Google Play AGAIN and I think their use of section 4.4 means the removal is permanent.

Google does not like the fact that I have created a Headunit app that does not require purchasing a new car or aftermarket HU to enjoy Android Auto.

THOUSANDS of people have downloaded my Headunit app in the last few weeks so it's very clear to me that there is a need for an app like this. Google does not want us to have an inexpensive option for Android Auto.

I've written a lot more about this here:

Please feel free to post your thoughts or arguments for or against Google's position, either here, on XDA or elsewhere.

Thanks !
Mike. :)

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Turn a tablet into an Android Auto (tm) compatible headunit ! :)

These are early releases and still highly experimental. There is no other app like this because a LOT of painstaking reverse engineering is required without the documents that Google keeps secret.

Tricky USB configuration and cabling may be required at this time and the app should only be used for testing.

XDA Thread for much more info and ask any question:

Latest 150616 June 16 Release #5 download:

NOTE: Requires 2 devices ! Needs an Android 4.1+ tablet running this Headunit app connected to an Android 5.0+ phone running AA (tm). Connection requires 1 standard phone USB cable and a special USB OTG cable connected to the Headunit app device.

"Headunit" is the first and only general purpose Headunit app for Android Auto.

Android Auto is Google's latest and greatest effort to provide automotive navigation, music, phone and other features in an environment that minimizes distraction.

Headunit is intended for 7 inch /17 cm or larger tablets.

I've priced Headunit at $10.00 USD and promise to give you your money's worth. If you can't afford that, Paypal me what you can to, but please understand that I won't enjoy spending 10 minutes supporting you for $1, right ?

Headunit is licensed for 1 device at a time, on the honor system and without DRM. Email me for license info or support anytime at

A $100-200 Nexus 7 tablet mounted in the car is MUCH cheaper than $700-$1400 Pioneer devices.

A $300+ 10 inch/25+ cm tablet provides a much larger & nicer screen than 6 inch double-din units.

Thanks for your support ! :)


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