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Welcome to Galactic Adventure! A Nation Roleplay Set In The Year 2230!
Before you start the experience, there are a few ruled and notes to know before:

At all times Remember this is in the year 2200!

Planet Colonization is allowed as long as you don't go Super-Sayan with it and colonize half the galaxy

You cannot start out huge! Take up only a bit of land on the map (shown in the comments)

Either be a nation on Earth or a Galactic nation

Every day we advance a year

Only Moderators can call for autohits, if you believed someone autohit or metagames then just tell one of the moderators or owner

A War between two nations must take 5 battle posts

No Autohitting or Metagaming

I highly advise you to check back on this post as it will most likely be commonly update

You can use any if you already have a collection for it but here is one in case you don't yet

(Insert Official Name In Largest Language)
(Insert Official Name In English)

(Insert Common Name In Official/Largest Language)
(Insert Common Name In English)

(Insert National Motto In Official/Largest Language) [Optional]
(Insert National Motto In English) [Optional]

· Founded:

· Government Type:

· Main Ideology:

· Leader/s:

· Leader Title/s:

· Population:

· Trade Products:

· Available Population Fit For Military:

· Military Age Requirement:

· Available Population Fit and Reaching The Age Requirement:

· Active Military:

· Reserved Military:

· Capital City:

· Largest City:

· Notable Cities: [Optional]

· Official Language/s:

· Largest Language:

· Notable Languages:

· Flag Meaning:

· History:

· Bio:

[Insert Territory, Flag, Coat of Arms, Capital City, First Leader, and a Military Image]








Atmospheric speed:






Hyperdrive System?:




















Rate of Fire:



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Dodamrian Empire

"Draaqe Att Neqh Qezu Zreiatui"
Daughter of the elders, father of the universe

Governmental type:
Absolute monarchy

Emperor Artume


Dodamrian, with no human counterpart. The language consists of rune-like symbols, and sentences with seemingly no patterns. Very guttural.

Although rarely anyone devotes their life to religion, the Dodamrians reference the Elder Gods. There's mythical lore stating that the Empire was formed by them, which explains the name "Dodam", or "Daughter".

19.32 billion

Budget: 10%
Active: 600,000,000
Clones: 3,000,000,000
Main Colour: White
-Dat Graphene RP Shit (All technology receives an upgrade to QUTAPHED, neutronium and forcefield shielding, and regular weaponry is replaced with railgun weaponry.)
-Dodamrian equipment

Demographic transition stage:

Irrelevant, with matter manipulators, money isn't an issue, resources are.

Dodamrians are an ancient humanoid race, existing in the solar system of Gliese-667. Their origins compared to humans, dates to around 6 million BC, giving them an incredible headstart. They have mastered technology thought impossible by humans, and have used this to their own benefits.

Although they're some 6 million years older than humans, their technological advances were severely delayed compared to humans, only reaching their current technological age in ~6000bc, constructing the first Dyson spheres and matter manipulators in 5152 and 4230 BC respectively. The construction of the first vessels featuring quark stars has been recent, starting in 1302 AD.

Resources have been rapidly draining the last few centuries, and this means that something must be done to restock those resources, preferably by means of forcefully taking other solar systems.

Solar system:
Planetary bodies
A, Primary and largest star
B, Secondary star
C, Tertiary and smallest star
Cb, Gaseous planet, ~6 earth mass
Cc, Rock planet, ~1.5 earth size, 70% gravity
Cd, Rock planet, ~0.7 earth size, 50% gravity
Ce, Gaseous planet, ~2 Jupiter mass

Cb, Hydrogen, helium, carbon
Ce, Hydrogen, helium, methane
Cc (Atmos), 89% oxygen, 11% trace gasses
Cd (Atmos), 83% oxygen, 17% trace gasses

Copious amounts of hydrogen, helium and methane
Sufficient amounts of metals and carbons
Low amounts of low-half life matter
(Near) nonexistent amounts of miniscule half life matter

Planetary defense shields (Neutronium and gravity shielding)
Orbital cannons

Dodamrians, due to the different living conditions, are tall on average (2.4m), are resistant to radiation and heat, are sensitive to light, have white-charcoal skin, thicker limbs, a well developed immune system, can survive in anaerobic conditions for hours and have "gills" capable of filtering the oxygen out of toxic gasses. In turn, they don't function well on planets with high gravity, and are physically much weaker compared to humans. This is bypassed with technology.

The Dodamrians have an extremely efficient metabolism, as after food is broken down, lengthy molecules can enter the body without requiring modification, unlike humans. The result is that the only excretion is urine, which includes toxins in the body.

Dodamrians are intelligent, but are purposefully kept ignorant by the oppressive government, sticking to the motto of "a happy citizen is a good citizen."

The average Dodamrian has an incredibly long lifespan, centuries in fact. Purely artificial of course, utilising self replicating nanobots to prevent and heal damage to the body. The body is optimised for high oxygen concentrations, and thus naturally suffers less from the free radicals found inside it.

The plant life in Gliese-667 is plentiful, with fruit and vegetables galore. However, most of it tends to be lethal if not prepared correctly. Large parts of the planet are green. In the oceans, there's not much in term of plant life apart from algae and coral.

Large critters roam these planets, due to the low gravity and high oxygen levels. Most of them are passive, but almost all of them are toxic or poisonous. It's advised to not aggravate animals.

Due to the nature of these planets, cities are often surrounded by walls or forcefields. Large monorails and highways dominate the planet when it's not already taken by foliage. The planets itself have a few hundred matter manipulator stations, most of which are used to project a neutronium dome over the planet, suspended in a stasis and antigravity field.

The Dodamrians are most notable for its weaponry, consisting of Alcubierre drives, high powered cannons and much more.

The Dodamrian equipment is built to alter the gravitational fields by using exotic matter. Next to that, FTL technology is frequently used.
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.Name:United Fedaration of mars

.Motto:Spill your blood for unity

· Founded:2018

· Government Type:Absolute monarchy

· Main Ideology:Unity and nationalism

· Leader/s:Duke Zxerl I

· Leader Title/s:Duke

· Population:7.5 billion

· Trade Products:Reinforced Carbon,Tarlstone and exotic plants

· Available Population Fit For Military:12,000,000

· Military Age Requirement:21-45

· Available Population Fit and Reaching The Age Requirement:6,000

· Active Military:10,000,000

· Reserved Military:2,000,000

· Capital City:Mars

· Largest City:Mars

· Notable Cities:Brewq

· Official Language/s:English/Martian

· Largest Language:Martian

· Notable Languages:English and spanish

· Flag Meaning:The flag colors mean different spicies united under one banner

· History:For many ceuntries mars was looked as mysterious and shown no sing of life martians were living underground for many ceuntries due to lack of breathable air at that time martian technology was way advanced than nearby spicies they developed an air purifier for the surface it few years to fully colonize the surface bu the martians wanted more than just one planet so they conqueref many planets and systwms with brute force but the martians were looked at as uncivillized brutes by other spicies so the martians discovered earth and learned so much culture but the ine that stood out to them was totaliarism they saw as the only way for a way of full unification Zxerl understood alot about earth and took the role as duke and unified many spicies under one banner

· Bio:Read history

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