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Hello I'd like to start a pack for therians, otherkins and anybody who would like to be in a pack that identifies with animals you don't have to be a canine but it is called Deltas Edge the form of contact are kik,hangouts, snapchat or instagram group chats if your interested or know anybody that might be pleased comment below so I can provide you with details!

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My name is Shay, or ShayWolf, I am 18 years old, and I am a wolf-dog Therian. My Theriotype is a female Gray Wolf x Siberian Husky cross named Akira. I am white and grey, with bright blue eyes.

I always knew I was different. Since I was a child, I have always behaved and naturally reacted differently than most people do. I growl, whine, whimper, snarl, etc etc. The older I got, I started feeling less and less like the average human. When I was a child it was okay, but throughout the past few years I've gotten the strange glances and looks, even today when I behave like my Theriotype my mom gives me weird looks and tells me to stop. (She doesn't know I am a Therian, she is unfamiliar with Therianthropy.)

For years I've identified as a wolf on some level, though until now I could never understand it. All I knew, was that in some way, I was a wolf.

Just earlier this year, I discovered Therianthropy. I started looking into it and asking questions, and doing endless soul searching. The more I searched, and the more I discovered, the stronger I felt "this is me."

At the beginning of the summer I did my first Therian meditation, and I concentrated on discovering my Theriotype and who I am. I saw myself sitting in the middle of the woods, in front of a large, clear puddle. When I looked at my reflection, at first, I was human. Something inside of me was telling me to look up, so I did. I saw a white female Gray wolf calmly walking towards me, and it was as if I were seeing my true self. The wolf sat down across from me, on the other side of the puddle. When I looked back down at my reflection, I was no longer human, but the wolf. This is where my meditation ended. The second I saw that reflection of myself, I KNEW, this was me. I finally had a sense of identity, and found who I was.
This confirmed my belief that I am a wolf Therian.

my behavior and advice/points from other Therians led me to the conclusion that I am not fully wolf, but a wolf dog.

For the past few months, I have been unsuccessfully trying to determine which specific dog breed I am crossed with. One Therian suggested that I may be part Husky. Today I did some research on the behaviour and temperament of Siberian Huskies, and my behaviour matches that of a Husky's perfectly. Right away it clicked, I found the missing part of me. I was full of excitement, I feel like a part of me that has been trapped for so long is finally free... I feel like I've found at least a part of who I am. I have been awakened.

I have also been wearing a collar for the past few months. I absolutely love wearing it, I feel more in touch with who I really am when I wear it. (I also have a matching leash :D ) Since the beginning of the year I have had many mental and phantom shifts, at home and in the woods.

I feel really alone... I live in a tiny town, and all the other kids around here and so different from me. Almost if not all of them are into drugs and partying, but I live on a very tight leash (my mom is very strict) and I just haven't been able to really make friends with anybody :( I don't think there's any Therians in my area, I wish there was.

I'm really hoping to make some friends and have a place to belong here, I'm so tired of being isolated :/

I love to make friends, so please don't hesitate to introduce yourselves!:)

Thank you all for taking the time to read my long intro and for getting to know me a little bit :) x

I'm extreamly excited I finally found others! I've felt like I wasn't really human and that I was a wolf since I was around 7 and I 14 now! I thought I was the only one till I recently found out that here were others and I couldn't wait to check! I just knew that I was a wolf and I belonged to a pack somewhere and now I finally have the chance to meet others like maybe and hopefully find a pack I belong in!

Hello! I am Amber Moon, I am new to this group, though I've been a therian for about a year. I am a wolf therian (Mostly), my specific species is a red wolf. I recently started meditating, and found a good spot almost completely separate from the human world, if you don't mind seeing a fence and hearing the faint sound of cars in the distance. I have found a piece of mind, even through all the struggle I've been experiencing. I just recently moved, and I was separated from my pack. I am the Beta, and I helped hold things together, and I have heard that things are really rough for the pack back at home, which is kind of hard to ignore. Though I have no way of helping. I keep in touch with Alpha Wild, the female alpha of our pack, since it's pretty much a girl pack, and I try to help her figure out how to guide them back to peace, though it is hard. So I just meditate as much as I can, maybe I'll get a sign on how I can help, even from such a distance.

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Hi I'm new here X3
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Hey, I`m new here. I am Alexander a Wolf Therian. I would like to become a part of this, and feel welcomed in my own fur.

hey guys i havent really been here in awhile and im srry for my neglect plz send this to other therians wanting to joing or who may be interested

hi! so umm.. i dont know if im a therian or not cuz some ppl say i maybe a dog therian (i through i was a wolf theiran lol) but i hope you other therians like the way i am :)

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