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• No Bullying. If You Are Gonna Bully Someone In RP Then Just Remember: These Are Little Kids, So The Only Bullying They Are Doing Is Not Sharing, Tattle Telling, Blaming Things They Didn't Do. This Isn't Really Bullying, But Just Nothing Serious, Or Really Big That Could Possibly Hurt Or Offend People. So Maybe Talk About It With The Other Person If You Are Planning To Do This.
• No Cussing In Roleplays. These Are Kids After All, So They Don't Know All The Words Yet. But If They Do, They Can't Say It Too Much.
• Must Have Profile Approved Before Roleplaying. I Will Do My Best To Approve It As Fast As I Can. Moderators Can Also Approve Profiles.
• No God Powers. If Your Character Has Powers, DO NOT Make Them So Powerful, That They Are Pretty Much God. They Must Be Able To Get Hurt/Some Powers Must Give Them Advantages And Disadvantages.
• You Can Have More Than 1 Character. If You Want To Make Another Character, Like The Sibling, Than You Can.
• Absolutely NO Mary Sues, OR Gary Stus. If You Don't Know What That Means, They Are Basically Characters Who Are Perfect In Every Way. Gary Stus Are Just The Male Versions Of Mary Sues. Either Way, I Definitely Don't Want To See Any Of Them. They Need To Have Negative Personalities In Order To Be Realistic, Character Wise. And It's Just Plain Annoying To Other People.
• Please Keep This As Realistic As Possible. Yes. I Know This Isn't Really Realistic Since Some Kids Will Have Powers, But That Doesn't Mean It Can't Still Be Realistic.
• If You Need To Report People, Just Text Me On Hangouts. I'm Almost Always Available. If You Text A Moderator, Then Moderators, Make Sure To Contact Me On Hangouts About It.
• You Must Have Someone Taking Care Of You. If Your Characters Parents Died, Then He/She Needs A Guardian Still. So Like A Grandma, Or She Needs To Be Living In An Orphanage.
• Yes. You Can Be A Neko.

Depending on the reason you were reported for. For example, If you keep cussing in RP, but it isn't that bad like maybe you say "Shit" or something, then you'll get off with a warning. It's not a good example but that's all I got. If I, or other moderators have to warn you 3 times or more, you'll be kicked out, or even banned.

If you are making a student, the ages are 5 to 10 years old in US elementary grades. This might be different if you live somewhere else so sorry but this is what I'm used to 😅
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