Com.veniosg.dir was referred to as a browser hijack but my introduction to it was an intrusive ad-serving hidden app that has the power to bring mbam Mobil to it's knees so that by the time it was able to crash it, mbam hadn't gotten to that process in the scan yet. Not sure if that's fixed in the latest beta (which I can't use since the betas full) but it'd be awesome if that could be addressed in a future update.

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If malewarebytes for iPhone has ad blocker,why can't android have one

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It doesn't always scan after updating, even though I I have it set that way, I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 6.0. And sometimes it continues to scan repeatedly.

What about firewall to add another layer of protection

Can we get web filtering as part of real time protection

Please next update anti minening and ads protect add please

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Hello Everyone -- I'm happy to announce the new version of Malwarebytes Mobile 3.1 is now available for beta testing.

You can opt-in with following URL

We welcome all feedback. If you send your feedback through Google Play, our developers can assess and do improvements.

Happy beta usage :)

How are supposed to test an app for you when it only a 30 day trail, especially when it's in beta

Malwarebytes can you explain to what super secret permission is?

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Well, time to uninstall as the promise of real time protection gives this pop-up when I tried to toggle it. Not only that, but EVERY SINGLE SETTING is disabled! The only thing the freemium can do is MAYBE manual scans. Craptastic Mbam! So after all these years of trying to help out, this is how dedicated users are treated? WTF?
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