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which one looks better?
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....i wanna braid his hair
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inside me now!
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That tongue tho~
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I'm 18 and look 12 my height is small for my age I like to be in my drawing pads so yes I like to draw I like someone who I draw in a gay club [Y/N] is there every Friday night and I don't [Y/N ]

one night try going home but get in a fight with my brother who is a drunk we bump into your table and he looks at [Y/N ] and you say

he in the first
brother in the next (in my brother)
need your name and pic before starting
and have fun
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I am a type of a deer breed mh antlers don't grow bigger than the picture I am 19 years old I do work as an counter salesman

man I want is a bad and good boy and that will love me and keep me happy

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{{_Any one want to do a long term smutty Roll-play with me I'm looking good Semes that will be rough and mean in bead but not abusive. I will do starters for anything you see below, or if you have an idea we can do that too_}}

The left is your the right is me

Father x Son
Master x Slave
Slave X Master --> I will explain this one
Were wolf x Vampire // These to are harder to come up with for me but i will try
Vampire x Were wolf//
Brother x Brother
Demon x Human
Human x Demon
Student x Student
Teacher x student
Boy friend x Boy friend {{the normal stuff}}
[[i will not do week Ukes unless you tell me you would rather have one

/// RULES \\\
(1).No one liners
(2).Full sentience
(3).SEME needed
(4). Pleas don't leave the Rp with out telling me
(5) Have FUN~

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seme needed
1st picture
Name: Yuki karmason

Personality : sweet, shy, quite, and hard working

2nd picture
Name: Victor yata

Personality : protective of what's his, out going, understanding, hard working, and stubborn

as I sit in class working hard I get picked on for my drawing so I fun out to the bathroom crying you decide the follow me to see if I was ok I sit on the bathroom floor with my hands and knees covering my face and you walk on and say...
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seme needed
uke 2ed pic
Name: nagisa
Personality: shy stays away from crowds and loveable with only you
seme 1at pic
Personality: confident protective of me and calm over all cool

you are a top notch business man and Im a waiter we met and the bar work at as we get to know each other we understand another and get feelings for another
now that we're together I want to start to more adult things not just kidding and French kissing more when you get home from as you see me blushing and in my thinking face
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Being brought up in a rather rich family, Paul had many expectations put upon him. Do well in school, behave correctly, don’t get in trouble, and so on. His mother and father wanted him to become a doctor. However, Paul had a different future in mind. He wanted to be a scientist. He wanted to invent something so great that the world would know his name. He wanted to experiment and write down his conclusions, to do all the things he imagined a true scientist to be. This was inspired by his favorite television show. It was about a mad scientist who performs experiments that sometimes work and sometimes fail. Paul was fascinated by it.

The male pursued his dream of becoming a scientist throughout school. He’d ace every science class and work much harder to do well in them in contrast to his other classes. He did the science fair every year he could, and he would lose every year he went. This never crushed his spirits. Despite his constant nagging about how he doesn’t want to be a doctor, his parents continued to try to persuade him to pursue medicine.

When it came time for Paul to go to college, his parents chose which college he went to. Naturally, they made him apply to many medical schools. When he got in one, he was sent off to get his degree. Paul worked hard in college. Perhaps a degree could help him land himself in an internship with a scientist. He had been in contact with several in town.

As time passed, Paul was dropped from several internships. His tendencies to try to control the experiments and attitude were an issue with every scientist he worked with. Along with this, none of them did what he wanted to do- experiment on live subjects. Paul wanted to be able to watch living creatures react to his experiments, whatever it may be. And so, he gave up on trying to get internships. He performed his experiments at home, on stray animals he finds on the street or animals he might’ve bought from a pet store. It was fascinating to him. He found interesting results including injections.

When Paul’s wife, a woman who wasn’t completely content with his experiments but allowed him to continue them, got pregnant, he couldn’t contain his excitement. He wanted to experiment on the child. His wife was hesitant at first, but Paul easily convinced her with an- “It won’t be anything that’ll seriously hurt you or our child.” And so, he injected his wife’s stomach with a formula he had created using the DNA of a feline. He had found this experiment worked with other animals. He wanted to see if it worked on humans.

When the child was born, it was done at home- in the bathroom. The child had small feline ears on top of his head and a small feline tail. He whined and cried, small upset meows from a cat audible in the mix of noises. Paul was ecstatic. His experiment worked. The child’s eyes were of a pure white, but would develop colors later on.

It highly disappointed Paul when he found out there was nothing special about his son apart from the fact he had feline ears, a feline tail, and could make feline noises. He had no enhanced hearing, no enhanced stealth or endurance. Nothing. He was just any ordinary boy with additional features. Paul’s wife insisted they send the child to school, but Paul denied many times. He gave in when the child was four.

The child would go to school, wearing a beanie over his head to cover his ears and a sweatshirt to hide his tail. He had his tail wrapped around his waist. He had to be careful to not expose any of his inhuman features. He had to control his purring and the movement of his ears and tail. He could get along with any other kid if it weren’t for one thing. He was extremely shy and hesitant. Being raised in a household where he’d be scolded for taking one wrong step, where he’d be shut down for doing something wrong, jeered at for being unable to comprehend something, he was afraid school would be the same. In elementary school, kids didn’t seem to mind his shyness. In middle school, it gave him the traits of “weird”. It made him an outcast. This made it easier for him to hide his secret, but he often wished he had friends.

When the child was eight, they were running low on money. Paul had spent a considerable amount of it on supplies for his experiments. To solve this, his wife resorted to prostitution. The child would be sent to people’s houses for a certain amount of money for the people to do whatever they pleased. Some simply used him for work, and others used him for more self-beneficial reasons. The child feared being sent away to these houses.

One of the days, Paul was given an offer. The child would be bought for a certain amount of money, then taken to a slave market. He would be sold to whoever was willing to pay the most, and Paul would get one third of the pay. Paul agreed to this, and Kai was sent off again. He was eleven at this time.

Before he could be sent to the slave market, the child needed to be trained. And so, a year was spent training the boy. He learned how to cook, clean, and so on. He knew many of these skills, but this training enhanced them. The boy was stripped naked before being taken off to the slave market. He had several scars on his body, results of other experiments Paul put the male through. They all failed. The boy was pale. He had black hair, and his feline features were black. His eyes were a mix of colors, changing. This was the result of an experiment. He was small and short, and he was perfect for many slave owners.

[Scenario 1]

[Y/N] was walking along in the slave market. He would come here every now and then to see if any good slaves were out. His interest peaked when he saw a cage with a small boy. The boy seemed different. He had a tail and ears. [Y/N] walked over to the cage and observed the boy. The boy looked up at [Y/N] and whimpered. He cowered in his cage, hugging his knees to his chest. [Y/N] nodded slowly before looking around. There was a small sign beside the cage stating the date when bidding will begin for this male. [Y/N] headed on with his day.

When the day to bid came, [Y/N] was in the audience. The bidding lasted a while. After all, a slave with special features raised the price. That along with his young age and experience. He wasn’t a virgin, so that lowered it some. [Y/N] won the betting after a while. The boy was given to [Y/N], in a cage one might use for a dog. It’d keep him fairly well hidden for the trip home. The boy was curled up to fit in the cage, and he fit in it quite well. [Y/N] took the male home.

[Scenario 2]

[Y/N] was taking a shortcut home from a friend’s house. It was through a rather unsafe neighborhood, so he had a pocket knife on him just in case. His head turned when he heard shrieking. He saw two people standing out in a driveway, one a small boy and one a rather large male. The male seemed to be beating the small boy, yelling slurs at him. When the boy was laying on the driveway, the male kicked him out of the driveway and onto the street before going back inside. [Y/N] walked over. The young boy was trembling, completely naked. He had scars on his body, but none of them looked new. He was badly bruised from the beating he took, and there were parallel, red marks on the male’s back with some bleeding, implying he was whipped. [Y/N] looked around before he sighed. He picked up the young boy and carried him home. The boy collapsed on the way.

[Y/N] tended to the young boy’s wounds and noticed something odd. He saw the male had two feline ears pressed against his head and a feline tail. The tail was bleeding at the end as if somebody had cut off a part of it. [Y/N] sighed. He had the boy lying in a bed, and he had food ready to feed him when he woke in case he was hungry.


Scenario one is meant for a more harsh, cruel master. Somebody who is more stern with slaves and is willing to give punishments if needed. I’m okay with anything except vore, piss, scat, and anything of that sort. If I am uncomfortable, I will inform you.

Scenario two is meant for a more gentle and kind seme. It’s set up to be more of a relationship than a master X slave. Essentially, my character would live with [Y/N] and eventually return to a normal lifestyle, one that doesn’t include slavery or abuse.


>> 5+ lines. I won’t be very strict with this rule, but I will not continue the RP if I am given a one-liner. Be as descriptive as you please. I do around 5-10 lines normally, but that can vary depending on the scene, what I’m given to work with, and if I have something planned.

>> Do not control my character. I understand if my character is being forced to do something, but do not make my character do the mundane things, such as asking for something or small gestures. If my character is being dragged into another room or something, that doesn’t count.

>> Be creative. This RP is set up to where the plot relies on you and your character. My character cannot really control the situations, so please try to add to the plot.

>> I only do PPs, so comment if you want one along with which scenario you wish to have. It’d be nice if I could have either a profile or a description of the character you will be using either before the RP or during the first response. I will reveal my character’s name if it is asked by [Y/N].

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"I want to hear you scream my name!"

"don't touch me!"

"ignorant people make me sick!"

"human people are useless, disposable, and can be replaced."


✤ Full Name ✤: Roman Ivanov
✤ Meaning Of Name ✤: his last name means "God's grace"
✤ Age ✤: 19
✤ Gender ✤: "how about you come over here and find out?" Male
✤ Place of Birth ✤: Russia
✤ Birthday ✤: June 5th, 1998
✤ Species/Race ✤: "Mmmm… you taste delicious" Roman licks his lips seductively vampire
✤ Ethnicity ✤: Russian, but he can speak English fluently.
✤ Blood Type ✤: Roman has A- blood
✤ Occupation ✤: Since Roman was raised in a wealthy family, he doesn't need a job. His father is a multi millionaire.
✤ Sexual Orientation ✤: Roman is bisexual, but prefers males more than females.
✤ Social Status ✤: Since he is rich and he has good looks, everyone sucks up to him… every girl falls for him. When Roman wants something he gets it… he's "daddy's little boy"
✤ Relationship Status ✤: Roman is single. He hasn't found the right person yet.


✤ Body Build ✤: Roman is slightly muscular since he works out at the gym and he has abs with biceps.
✤ Height ✤: Roman is 5'7
✤ Weight ✤: He is 157lbs.
✤ Skin colour ✤: He has porcelain skin.
✤ Hair style ✤: His hair is mostly out, but sometimes he puts it in a messy bun.
✤ Hair colour ✤: His hair is white
✤ Eye colour ✤: his eyes are grey/silver
✤ Preferred Clothing ✤: Most of the time, he will wear black colored clothing. When he in public, he will wear a black shirt with skinny jeans and combat boots
✤ Accessories ✤: Roman wears biker gloves, and a gold chain sometimes.


✤ General health ✤: He is healthy since he exercises and he eats healthy foods. Also he doesn't have any physical or mental Illnesses.
✤ Take drugs? ✤: Roman doesn't take drugs or smoke.
✤ Alcohol? ✤: Roman drinks when he is at a party or club and sometimes he will have a glass of wine when he is eating.


✤ Way of speaking ✤: he talks fluently when speaking to others so the person can understand him
✤ Common conversation starter ✤: "You called?"
"Hello, I'm Roman"
✤ Swears? ✤: he only swears when he is angered


✤ Likes ✤: Roman likes peace and quiet, fresh blood, dancing, reading, swimming, making new friends, sleeping and sweets (candy, cake, and cookies)

✤ Dislikes ✤: Roman hates loud noises, and people who don't listen


Swimming when he has free time.
Reading a good book
dancing. Sometimes he likes to get down and dirty
hanging out with his friends


biting his nails


• Roman can cook good


✤ Education ✤:
✤ IQ ✤: his IQ is above average
✤ EQ ✤: his EQ is an average


he killed his step mother while his father was away on a business trip. "It was so easy. I broke her like a twig"
he likes pain sometimes.

• being alone for a long time
• heights


He doesn't have any dreams or goals. He's successful, handsome, and he can get anything/anyone he wants.


✤ Food ✤: ice cream cake, tea, hot chocolate, blood, and salads.
✤ Colour ✤: he likes black.
✤ Animal ✤: he likes cats or dogs.
✤ Number ✤: his favorite number is 101.
✤ Holiday ✤: His favorite holiday is Christmas or Halloween.
✤ Season ✤: Summer or winter.
✤ Time of day ✤: he likes night time.
✤ Movie ✤: Charlie and the chocolate factory.
✤ Show ✤: Claws.
✤ Type of art ✤: he likes sculptures
✤ Genre of music ✤: the classics and hip hop. Example: Beethoven, and Bach.
✤ Genre of literature ✤: poems, plays, and novels.
✤ Genre of shows ✤: comedy, and drama.
✤ Genre of movies ✤: Romance and horror.


He was neglected by his father since his father always had business trips. When his mother died when he was five, he became miserable and he drove away any women that was with his father.


Roman is mostly nice to others. When he is in a relationship, he can get jealous when he sees his lover flirting with someone else and he is controlling sometimes. Also he can get violent when he is angry


✤ Family ✤:
Mother: dead
Step mother: dead. He killed her
Father: alive
✤ Love interest ✤:
he wants a demanding person.
someone who is not afraid to speak their mind.
• _a kinky person._

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Doing this over again because I didn't add a starter...

Name: "Lukas McClain or Lulu for short!"

Species: "I'm a wolf neko and that's not weird at all!"

Age: "I'm 16...starts to zone out and pick at his claws"

Hight: "5'2......I know I'm short, don't rub it in!"

Likes: "*he inhales* I like sweets, rain, spicy food, sleep, cuddles, fantasy novels, cartoon conspiracy theories, government conspiracy theories, cross dressing, cartoons with a story line/arc, CSI, NCIS, criminal minds, Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales, making my lover jealous, public affection, belly & ear scratches/rubs and random butt smacks...don't judge me..."

Dislikes: "hot weather, rude people, sour candy, my next door neighbor, whenever I'm eating my favorite food and a sad commercial about starving kids in Africa come on, homohaters and being sick"

Strength: "........."

Weakness: "squeaky toys and tennis balls"

What I'm looking for in a lover: "*his ears droop and he looks sadly down to the floor* ....someone who loves me for what I am and wouldn't change a thing about matter how "weird" I am..."

Fun Facts: "I'm tumblr thrash, I have a Pinterest, Polyvore, Wattpad, Quotev, and DeviantART account. I also have a YouTube channel....and I can turn into a wolf puppy."

Y/c was sound asleep in the bed that he sheared with his boy friend, he rolled over and and frowned upon the empty space next him. "Lulu?....ugh...he'd better not be eating raw cookie dough again..." He got out of bed and tiredly walked down the hall towards the kitchen. As he passed the door the was to his lovers recording room, he herd loud scream and a crash from the other side. Y/c then-...
(If you get bored please tell me, no text talk, 2+ lines, have fun!)

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Anyone wants to Roleplay?
Seme Needed!
I dont Care how many Lines or how is your grammar But please write often.
You can write as you want, it does not matter what happens with the characters main it remains exciting


Name: Nicholas
Nickname: Niki
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexualität: Gay
High: 163 cm
Appearance: big Brown eyes, Brown Hair, girlish Body,
Personality: Shy at strangers, attached to friends and acquaintances, sometimes obtrusive, everyone likes his personality and find it cute when Niki cuddles up to them
Like: Stuffed animals, Sweets, His stuff Bunny, cuddle, sleep in a soft pillow
Dislikes: hate, If somebody hurt him
Friends: -
Siblings: His older Brother who protect him alot for everyone
Status: single
Position: Uke
A Little Starter:
(I write First person)

My brother brought me to school today. I go happily into the class but when I see my brother no longer I'm totally shy and look around with anxious glances.Quietly I sat down at my place next to (Y / N) and make me very small. I work with the lessons. But when our teacher said I should make a project with (Y / N) I glare Stunned. After the lesson, we will meet and work on the project.

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