Signs of God?
>When We say "Let me Think", That is already Submission to certain Source of Power? Is there any Guarantee that We will get what We want in the Thinking? How much & what's the limit of Material/ Efforts/ Time for us to push on till we get what we want? From Who/ Where/ How do we go about to get what we think? 

>Many cases in life- Facts/ Info/ Ideas/ Solutions just come into Us at Whatever Time/ Situation/ Location. Who is Providing those/ From where/ How our needs, issues, problems being known? That Mighty Knowing/ Seeing seem to be so Kind & Helpful giving the Right Info/ Guidance/ Supports?

>Too many cases People in Needs/ Desperate/ Even between Life & Death- They have no One to Turn to/ No Other Means to Convey- But just put to Chance "Praying to God who they refuse to Believe, but in this case The have no Choice". Too many cases- Those "Prayers" were well Answered?

>Being a non Believers of God/ Religion- Just imagine their Meaning of Their Life? Just thanking Their parents for giving birth to Them? Quite many in this Society never even bother about Parenting because They practise Free Sex - The Kids only know their Mothers? Worst case for LGBT- They never even bother to have Kids- Their Generation will very soon ceases due to Sex Diseases & later due Old age?

>Another case: Too many Evil Doers escape Notice due to their power & expertice, hence escape any Punishment to those Evils in Court of Justice- Local/ State/ National/ International? Yet we could see fom cases well known to us of their Crime> Abuses- Many Forms/ Sex/ Liquer/ Drugs/ Gambling/ Usuary? If we continue to follow their journeys till the end of their Lifes- Many has/ had been Fairly "Rewarded" for The Crimes/ Evils? Who is that Power That All Seeing/ Knowing/ Powerful/ Mighty/ Ultimate Justice???

>God can't be searched/ be just experimented to prove like Water etc? He Reveales Himself to anyone at His Own Will? Faith or No Faith is at the Will of God? That's why His Religion is called "Islam- Submission" since 1st Prophet AdamPbh til MuhdPbh. Prophet MuhdPbh said in Hadith "All Humans & JIns will go to Heaven, except those who do not want". That wanting is "To Submit to God (Even From Unknowing/ Unseein of Him) for Guidance & Support. When we Submit- It's among Attributes of AlMighty God> Most Beneficient/ Most Merciful/ Most Just> He surely Will Not Fail Us?

>God, He is AlMighty/ He Says, Does What He Want- That's why in the Qur'an "God's Words Full of Might in Facts/ Truth/ Power? For He is All Knowing & Scares no one? The Might of all Written in the Qur'an is a Living Proof it's By God & from Him- Just read through the Arabic Text or Several Translation few times (Need several Translations because- Translations are by the Limited Knowledge of the Translaters- The more the clearer, hopefully?)"

Humbly Submit & Pray "May AlMighty God, The Most Beneficient, Most Merciful- Guide/ Support/ Unite/ Protect us & those who we must Care & Love even against our Selfish Wills for Continuous & Everlasting Peace/ Prosperity/ Eternal Bliss in His Favours & Rahmat (Kindness).
Amiin Oh Allah, Oh ArRahmaan, Oh ArRahiim.
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