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It's here already
All roads lead to Abeokuta this Saturday, 18 August, as members of Lagos Local Guides join their counterparts in Ogun State for a collaborative meet-up which arguably is the 1st of its kind in Nigeria.

Essentially, this meet-up is geared towards exploring a superbly built world-class resort that is quietly tucked in the historic city of Abeokuta and sharing its grandeur beauty with the entire world - through the eyes of our cameras.

#LocalGuidesConnect #Rock #LetDoMore #LetsGuide


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Hey guys! No activity has been ongoing here for a while! Any meet-up soon?

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Wishing you all the very best..
Today marks the beginning of the 2017 edition of the annual Local Guides Summit in San Francisco. We wish our representatives, +Sanya Oluwadare​ and +U-roy Felix Agboli​ a successful sojourn all through the event. Have fun and then bring something back for us ooh 😎

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Good evening Guides,

Permit me to share a story with you about 'Lanre'

Lanre is a passionate Local Guide who aims at effecting accurate details on the map.

One evening, while he was taking a rest from the day's work with his system, he picked up his phone and decided to do some volunteering on the map.

He opened Google Maps, visited his contributions page and decided to check some facts.

As usual, he had lots of info about places he can check. Taking them one after the other, he felt delighted being entrusted with the task of verifying details on the map.

As conscientious as he can be, lots of places required that he check the phone numbers associated with them to which, (for most) he simply clicked 'Not sure' as he never really verified the numbers.

At an instance, he thought of the chances of people putting up misleading information on the map.

As the next place (apparently a petrol station) pops up for him to check the number, he quickly remembered the FBI investigation skills in the last movie he watched on his laptop.

He immediately dials the number to really verify it this time and the following conversation ensued:

(Call rings, line connects)

Lanre: Hello, Good evening. Is this Geneva hotels? (Lanre is familiar with the Geneva hotels and he tried not to ask about the real place he was checking, which was a petrol station)

User: (amidst some background noise)Yes, Good evening. How may I help you?

Lanre: I'll like to enquire about your room reservations.

User: Well we have deluxe rooms for 28k, executive rooms for 35k, presidential suites....

Lanre: (having sensed some misinformation already, interrupts the user) How do I get to the hotel?

User: The hotel is located at (he gives some address at a state entirely far from where Lanre knows Geneva hotels to be)

Lanre: Uhmm, I'm actually talking about the hotel in (Lanre gives another state, trying to play along)

User: Oh, you're talking of the branch in (calls same state)

Lanre: Exactly! I'll like to make some reservations in your hotel for a week starting from next week. How do I proceed? Can I get the hotel's account or the manager's?

User: You can make an advance payment of 18k so we can reserve the room for you. I will forward the details as soon as you drop the call.

Lanre: Alright. Thank you very much.
(Call ends)

Few minutes later, a text arrives on his phone, containing the account details.

He goes back to the Maps, simply checks "No" under the question "Is this the right phone number?"

● While Checking facts, especially number always ensure that you try to really verify the number.
Otherwise mark as "Not sure"

Save a map user from falling into wrong hands.

P. S.: Lanre is really a local guide and he is the writer of this story. Haha!

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Introducing a brand new (and extra easy!) way to review and add photos of your favorite places on iOS β†’ #LocalGuides

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Hi all, top of the day to you. Our beloved brother +Sanya Oluwadare and very active Google Local Guide lost his dear mom. Our mothers are very dear to our hearts. Let's kindly condole with him and show him some love. Stay strong +Sanya Oluwadare

The funeral is this Friday, 11 August 2017 Please see poster for details. Thank you and God bless.

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