Can a knight be the vassal of his father?

Starting up a new game, but haven't played in a while. I can not, for the life of me, remember how Ranged combat works. It's a DEX check to get your shield up in time, right? Does the archer make a roll when meme is entered, or is it a "free attack" for the knights?

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I pledged for the PDF. Chance of the books as the KS progresses. Did others on here pledge?

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Nocturnal Media continues on following the passing of Stewart Wieck. New KAP campaign coming to Kickstarter next week.

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Some new podcasts up recently but we're behind about 5-8 sessions being put up as an FYI.

Our group is starting 522 A.D. and will likely get to 523 A.D. this coming Tuesday.

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The year 516! The knights battle a fresh group of Saxons near Eburacum and one of the knights sacirfices everything for his lord.
We used the book of battle, the frothing warriors and grunting spearman certainly added some hilarity.

Oh dear...

#Pendragon #GreatPendragonCampaign #BookofBattle 

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Two Pendragon packages on +Bundle of Holding​. 
Doug at Victory Condition Gaming talks to Alan Bahr, senior game designer at King Arthur Pendragon publisher Nocturnal Media, about the many virtues of Pendragon and of our two offers now in progress:

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Tips from a Burned Out Pendragon GM
(A semi-occasional column/rant.)

I would suggest to any prospective GM of Pendragon that you not stretch out the scenarios for any average year, but instead zoom through them as fast as you can.

Note that I said prospective GMs; if you have already progressed along in your campaign, this advice won't be that useful.

Years that are important to the campaign, with lots of events, will be long in any case, in terms of sessions played to complete them. This will nicely balance with the years which take a single session or less, and get you through the campaign faster.

This helps you avoid burn-out, and allows players to better appreciate the passage of time, which is one of the pillars of Pendragon, and so should be cultivated, not ignored. 

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Year 515 in the Great Pendragon Campaign. The first members of the Round Table are confirmed, there is a new king in Cornwall and there are duels, marriages are made and fall apart and all manner of intrigue.

#GPC #Pendragon #RoundTable 
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