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He's so adorable

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Just got all 7 gallantmon fuels
Tip: Do the advent quest on expert coop youll get it really fast

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Update Is Coming xD
New Update White Holy Lance Gallanmont

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for you who like capture digimon, maybe this video is useful :)

I've created a new chat group to share tips. Everyone is welcome to join! ^^
Chat ID: 29946

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How to awaken your Digimon to +4

Anyone managed to get 21 fragments of Imperialdramon during the event?
I only got 3, because i was just playing in normal mode, as I lack megas. Too bad the event is over already :/ I hope they give us another chance to get those fragments later: I have a +4 Paildramon that's going to be a beast after digivolution...

Just got my meatfield to lvl 10 (max). It seems it just gives out a maximum of 200 pieces every 3,33 hours. That is a bit disappointing, since lvl 10 Warehouse has room for 1k pieces of meat :/
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