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Wow, I was completely wrong about the game yesterday. Cueto showed up and DeGrom faced a tuff lineup that he wasn't able to handle. I am glad I listened to the picking system on my site Don't Pick Losers, as it predicted the game would be over 7 and KC would win the game. It is 4 for 4 on predicting the over/under and winner of the games for the World Series. Well both teams are traveling back to New York so there will be no game tonight. That is a good thing for me as I am excited about watching the football game tonight. I looked at the computer generated picks for the game tonight and it is stating New England -8 and under 51. Miami has been looking good since they have fired their coach, but at the same time they're facing the Patriots. I personally see this game being over 51 and it being a close game. Like I have said before the computer generated system on Don't Pick Losers has a much higher winning percentage then I. Lets see how it does tonight.
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