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So you guys can start posting whenever, just make sure you aren't being a ghost member!

Welcome to my divergent account! Yes, this is the dreaded Newbies Must Read Post that everyone is tempted not to read.


1. NO SPAM POSTS! Ahh this literally drives me crazy when I see nothing but spam posts in communities. If you do post spam posts, I will give you a warning. If you still post them after that, I'll ban you from the community. Get it? Got it? Good!

2. Please keep it PG-13 for those younger Google+ members. Again, if you post anything that I feel is inappropriate for this community, you will get a warning and then banned. Depending on the situation it may be, you may get banned for the rest of your G+ days.

3. Please don't bully other people on here or disrespect any of the members. If you do, you will automatically be banned. no questions asked.

4. Please don't Roleplay. As of now this isn't a Roleplay community, simply just a fan community. I may switch it to both, but for now, please don't Roleplay.

5. About Spoilers, if you want to post a spoiler, on the top of your post put SPOILER ALERT in all caps and bold it. we don't want anybody to unwillingly read spoilers before they get to that part of the series.

6. You may post edits, video and picture, but please watermark them. Just in case someone wants to come by and save them and then take credit for them.

7. PLEASE don't post anything about any other fandom. this is a strict divergent fan community and I'd rather not spend my time going through and deleting other fandom posts off of the DIVERGENT community.

8. I know I kind of already said this, but PLEASE respect everyone. No one wants to be cyber bullied. trust me, I've been there. just don't.

9. please don't pick fights with people. don't fight about anything. if you see something inappropriate and I haven't yet, tag me and I'll deal with it.

10. the final rule is just have fun with it. don't be a debby downer and be on the community just to be in a community. actually post.

EVERY MONTH I WILL HAVE A MODERATOR SWEEP. What that is, you may be asking. well, it's where every month, I will find 1 people who are worthy of being mods. to be worthy you've got to:
~Get people to join
~Follow ALL the rules
~Post as much as you can

if someone is worthy two months in a row, they'll be promoted to owners. I may forget some months, which if I do forget, don't yell at me saying I forgot, just private post me or text me on hangouts.

if you've read this put Divergent is life❣ below
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