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(Not done) walks in am a new student am eating a cookie

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My little pony
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zapraszam do społeczności Rarity mlp .

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zapraszamy do społeczności pinkie pie mlp .

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name: yosafire( blond  and  black)  ,froze (porple one ), Raw Berry ( pink one )
ages: looks  16
genders: females 
Race: siren ,bat ponys
Child's of:  the  sirens .
Hobbies:   '' we  have  none  to busy  with singing ''
Skills: singing , fighting
Pets: none
Clubs if in canlot high:  tempary transfer stdents 
likes: nothing
dislikes: everything
Singer voice quality:  the best.
Instruments you play:  lead singer (  blond one )   gitar ( pink one )  drums ( purple one) 
band: misfits .
yosafire's Personality:  blunt , rude sometimes , rebellious tsundere  type.
froze's Personality: 
raw berry's personality: Kuudere 
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Name:Rose Bonnet


Powers if your from equestia:Not any yet!!!(Soz Sakura Ran)

Child of:Lavender Bonnet
Hobbies:Art, painting, drawing, creation, playing with her friends, playing in a band and playing video games

Skills:Art, painting, drawing using her powers, playing in a band and playing video games (some time she loses)
Pets:Glow (A blue owl)

Clubs if in canlot high:Wanting to join Art Club and is wanting to join a club named the Absent Campions (band)

Likes:art, painting, drawing, creating and her pet Glow

Dislikes:Romance, her art or creations failing, and FAILING ON EVERYTHING!!! and her friends getting bullied (if she had any friends)

Singer voice quality:She gets her voice from her mother

Instruments you play:Guitar, Drums

Personality:protective, always stands, sometimes uncool, friendly

Occupation:None yet but she is wishing to join a Art company


Crush:None yet

Others:Always wanting to ask others to be her friends
Written by Sevarn!!(
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((Open please ask before joining no jumping in.))

Sakura ran was hiding while she walked into the school looking around thinking about her first day whimpering as she smiling and hummed hiding her face by her hair hiding it scared when...

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Name: Knucklette
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Species: Siren/ Human
Cutie Mark of Equestria: Purple handled paint brush
Likes: Night, singing, reading, drawing
Dislikes: Mean people
Skills: Drawing and singing
Parents: none they are dead only family is Marcos and Crystal
Powers: Powers of a siren but even without my pendant my voice is still good if like if I had my powers but I can't entrance anyone.
Pendant color: Strap is black while the gem itself is light blue.
Hair color: Blue and Purple
Skin color: Centuan ((however u spell it))
Eye color: Golden Yellow
Brother by blood: Marcos
Sister by blood: Crystal
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Name: Sakura ran.
 Gender: female.
Race ((looks human but what are you in equestia)): half human half siren.
Powers if you from equestia: all her mother powers.
Child of: aria blaze.
 Hobbies: singing, running, swimming, reading.
 Skills: running, singing, swimming.
Pets: none yet.
Clubs if in canlot high: none yet.
Likes: her books and singing alone.
 Dislikes: mean people.
Singer voice quality: like her mother.
 Instruments you play: piano.
 Band: none yet.
 Personality: shy, sly, messer, stubborn, hot tempered, nice, smart, funny, dumb at times, cold, cruel, distant, caring and friendly.
Occupation: a new student at canlot high.
 Bio: secret.
Crush: open.
Others: she has a necklace like her mother but violet.
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