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Hello and welcome! This is our power chart. Pick your power and ILL SEND YOU THE ATTACKS. This is first come first serve. Enjoy

Elder Dragon:
Dragon Master: Taken +Kiyomi Hoshimi
Dragon Master: Taken +Ὀφίων The Titan

Elder Dragon:
Dragon Master: Taken +Koga Kurogane and Ryu Shadow
Dragon Master:

Elder Dragon:
Dragon Master: Taken +Kiyomi Hoshimi
Dragon Master:

Elder Dragon:
Dragon Master: Taken +Epsilon Vanguard
Dragon Master:

Elder Dragon: Taken +Rahkyi Lewis
Dragon Master:
Dragon Master:

Elder Dragon:
Dragon Master:
Dragon Master:

Elder Dragon:
Dragon Master:
Dragon Master:

Sea King
Elder Dragon:
Dragon Master:
Dragon Master:

Elder Dragon:
Dragon Master: Taken +Koga Kurogane and Ryu Shadow
Dragon Master: Taken

Elder Dragon: Taken +Kire Inukai, Kuroikage Ushiromiya
Dragon: Taken +Psychotic Diablo
Dragon Master: Taken +Jec Kurokami
Dragon Master:

~ Arlo

Hello fellow dragons. My name is Zack and I'm the Dragon All Father. I became the Dragon All Father when I reached the age of 18. So I haven't been a dragon for very long, if you would like to know more about the dragon sanctuary, please hit me up on google chats. Thank you for your time 

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Quotes: "Hmmph.... Whatever."
"Darkness, Death, poison. I love them all"

Name: "Call me Lunar"

Preferred Name/Titles: "I prefer Luna..."

Age: 21 in human years

Race: Poison Dragon

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Sexuality/Relationship: She is Lesbian. And she's single

Occupation: "I'm alone for now..."

Appearance: {In pic below}

Height: 9'4

Weight: 390

Personality: "I'm quiet... I stick to myself. I'm also caring to those close to me"

Abilities/ Powers:

Equipment: Wings

Biography: "When I was young my parents were killed... I left. I stick to myself now. I don't trust people easily, so don't try to get me to tell you my secrets right away"

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He stood at the highest peak of the moutain looking out at the distance land. He faced the sun as it rose for the day. He was talking to himself aloud, planning and plotting. If person like this could be awake this early, the saying "Evil never sleep." is his moto. So this is the land where most things occurs. I'd like to see how it would look covered in flames, but first things I need introductions...with the ruler of these lands...

First Flame
Cronus, a tan, spiky haird teenage guy, slides down or sked down the mountain with fire rolling under his feet. He didn't know if there was anyone else around but he didn't care. Only his goal was in front of him.
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It had been a month or so since Aza remained visiting and healing within the care of Kire. Uncannily he grew fond of her as if she was his responsibility. His eyes were closed resting in the mountains cavern. She had just woke up when she decided to..

( Closed for +Koga Kurogane and Ryu Shadow​)

Rp anyone?

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Quotes: Tine to find something new.

Name: Joseph Finch

Preferred Name/Titles: Jo or Finch

Age: 19

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality/Relationship: Hetero/Single

Affiliations: N/A

Family: George and Mary Finch

Occupation: Explorer

Appearance: Picture

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 135

Personality : Cautious

Equipment : Flak Jacket to protect from basic attacks and any shrapnel. M60 Machine gun that I found in an abandoned military convoy. M1911a1 that was my father's before he passed away. Trench Knife with brass knuckle handguard cause why not? And two hand grenades.

Biography: I was born shortly after the war. So much lost and so little gained other than the gene bending. I explore the wastelands for new places and old places. Mostly I look for equipment and food but occasionally I'll look for a dragon mostly because I'm very curious. I'm young but I'm cautious, others my age holding my job died because they were careless. I watch from afar then I go in for closer inspection. Ammunition is hard to come by so I use my knife for most fighting and Handgun since I have alot off ammo for that. If I do meet a dragon I'd be respect full since they are much more powerful than us humans.
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+Kire Inukai, Kuroikage Ushiromiya

Aza had been on her way back to her clan after staying with her friends and sister for a bit. She had to head back so that her Elder dragon wouldn't worry about her so she took the quickest way back through the Badlands. One problem. Earlier she had twisted her wing and was told not to hurt it any more by straining it. So instead of quickly flying home she had to walk back. Little did she know a rogue team of five human soldiers were following her closely. They circled her and caged her in. Knowing that with their light armor they would be fine, they began to viciously attack her. They got her to use up her energy by attacking them; greatly weakening her.

She was almost out of energy and couldn't think of anything else to do but call out to the one person who she thought could help. As much as it pained her she used her wings and flew up out of sword reach and screamed.


In order to prevent her from calling out to anyone they used energy draining whips and sent her down onto the ground before handcuffing her using light resistant cuffs and throwing her into the nearby lake.

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I giggled as I felt the fish eat the dead skin off my feet, tickling the bottom of my toes. My clothing is soaked through, my hair in getting frizzy from being wet. I knew I would be able to use my powers in the water, but I had enjoyed swimming so much before I was turned into this that I made that exception.
My hair, being so long, was 6 inches in the water, simply floating around me. I decided to dive in, using my wings to move fast in the water. I felt like a human again. Until I came up for air and saw you. Embarrassed of my predicament, I immediately went back down, keeping my eyes above the water to watch you, hoping you hadn't seen me.
((Open RP))
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"I can't remember anyone taking so many of my direct hits without completely collapsing. I'll give you credit for that!"

" I will... not lose! Even if my opponent is a God, I will defeat anyone who stands in my way!"

Name: Cronus

Preferred Name/Titles: Dragon Emperor

Age: 15

Race: Fire

Species: Dragon Master

Gender: Male

Sexuality/Relationship: Hetero


Appearance: [Pic provided]

Height: 5'7

Weight: 140

Personality: Cocky, thinking that he has the power to beat anyone else before him. Merciless person towards opponents. Enjoyed terrorizing.

Fire Dragon's Roar
Cronus first inhales, gathering fire in his mouth, and then releases such fire in the direction of his opponent, creating a large, exploding fireball which damages and burns the opponent. This can be performed two ways: the first, and more "complicated" way involves Cronus putting his hands before his mouth, in a pose resembling that of a trumpeter, before releasing the fire, prompting it to be expelled between his fingers. The flames produced by this version start out as a very thin stream, enough to be fit between Cronus's fingers, before suddenly enlarging to strike the opponent. The other simpler, and seemingly faster way, simply has Cronus quickly gathering flames in his mouth and then releases them, with no seeming stance required, producing a much larger burst of fire.

Fire Dragon's Claw
Cronus ignites his feet with flames and proceeds to assault the opponent with a powerful fire-enhanced kick, with the flames greatly augmenting the power of said kick. He can also create flames from his feet, greatly enhancing speed and allowing Cronus to jet-propel in any direction he desires. This makes it easier for Cronus to get close to opponents that they wish to engage in close combat. Cronus can also combine the jet-propulsion capabilities of this ability for use with other techniques.

Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
Cronus engulfs his fist in flames and then punches his opponent, causing, aside from sheer blunt damage, damage from the flames as well. This attack can also be performed with both hands at once.

Fire Dragon's Wing Attack
Cronus rushes forward against two opponents. While doing so, Cronus produces a large stream of fire from each of his arms, which, when it comes in contact with the foes, burns them and at the same time sends them flying away behind them due to the blunt force of the produced fire. Such flames take the rough form of a pair of Dragon's wings, thus the name of the attack. This ability can also by employed by first grabbing the targets' heads and then producing the fire to strike them.

Fire Dragon's Sword Horn
Cronus engulfs his entire body in flames and then propels himself against the opponent at high speed, hitting them with a powerful headbutt. Cronus then proceeds to send the enemy flying up in the air with a pillar of fire produced from his body.

Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame
Cronus generates fire on both of his hands and then joins them, creating a unique, larger flame as a result. When such flame collides with the enemy, it creates a very massive and destructive explosion.

Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow
Cronus creates intense, bursting flames from his elbow, boosting the striking power of the corresponding bare punch, which he then uses to strike the target, who is then sent flying (at least) several meters away from Cronus.

Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang
Cronus ignites one of his hands and then swings it in an arc, striking the target with his fingertips, leaving a flurry of flames in his wake.

Fire Dragon's Grip Strike
Cronus rushes towards the target and grabs them with his hand. Whilst giving the attacking arm support with the other, Cronus releases a vast amount of explosive flames at point-blank range, burning the target.

Fire Dragon's Roasting Bath
Cronus engulfs his entire body in flames to heat up the surrounding area. This is powerful enough to make water reach scalding temperatures.

Crimson Lotus - Fire Dragon's Fist
Cronus ignites his fists with large, light spheres and then charges at the opponent, hitting them with a continuous barrage of punches. Each punch produces a powerful explosion, with the resulting complete attack being strong enough to break through Iron Dragon's Scales, which are noted for their resilience.

Crimson Lotus - Exploding Flame Blade
Cronus ignites his arms and generates long torrents of flames from them, which move to hit the enemy in a spiraling formation. Each connecting strike generates a powerful, burning explosion.

Gauntlet: It releases a metal tops. It's design is for maneuvering pass enemy defenses and releasing explosive fire. It's mid and long range although is can be used in close combat against an unskilled opponent.

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