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Leaders open and prophecyes given to +destiny hayes +Kitty Warrior So Destiny you may have a white wolf and be in a prophecy and Kitty you may be a leader of a pack any one ok now thats out of the way the wolves below our open

{name} (You chose)
{age} 6 Years
{Pack} Loner
{Rank} Propheyed one
{Mate} (You chose)
{Gender} Male
{Pups} (You chose)
{Siblings} (You chose)
{father} (You chose)
{mother} (You chose)
{Bio} He is a black wolf with what looks like flames on his pelt and blood spills where ever he gos

You May also be foxes
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+Warrior Gaming can i make a propehcy please?

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Come check out my channel this is my first ever Speedpaint Enjoy!\

Btw the Guardian Wolf is my OC Lucy

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Name: Akemi
Age: 23 months ((1 years 11 months))
Gender: Female
Pack: Uhh loner/wind pack ((winged ones))
Rank Winged one
Mate: N/A
Pups: N/A
Bio: N/A
Apperance: the wolf on the left just imagine her with wings
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Name: Zephyr
Age: 25 years
Rank: loner
Pack: none
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, Adventurous, Outgoing, Friendly
Bio: She will sometimes travel to the packs and visit them, like the loners did in Tallstar's Revenge.
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Name: Crimson
Rank: Alpha
Pack: Forest Pack
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years
Eyes: Crimson and pure white
Personality: Calm, Clever, Secretive, Respectful, Honest
Mate: Open
Pups: N/A
Bio: As a pup she was born outside the packs but she was disowned by her mother because she had one blind eye. Eventually she came to the packs and trained as hard as she could. Eventually she was made alpha

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Name: Leapordprint
Pack: Earth pack
Age: 15
Rank: Alpha/Healer
Fur: Pic
Eyes: sentiment blue
Likes: Unkown
Dislikes: Unkown
Family: none yet
Pups: none yet
Gender: Female
Mate: none yet
Crush: none yet
Bio: unkown

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{name} Star
{age} 160000 Years
{Pack} Loner
{Rank} Watch-full one
{Mate} Open
{Gender} Female
{Pups} none
{Siblings} Unknown
{father} Unknown
{mother} Unknown
{Bio} None

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Name: Snowflake
Age: 14
Pack: Water pack
Fur: Pic
Eyes: Hot pink
Gender: Female
Likes: Friends
Dislikes: Bullies
Rank: Omega/Hunter/Defender
Bio: Unkown
Pups: none
Mate: none
Crush: None

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Name} Destina
Rank} Hunter/tracker
Pack} Loner
Age} 1 year
Gender} female
Likes} fish , trees , snow
Dislikes} blood
Personality} Kind , sweet , smart
Mother}  Unknown
Father} unknown
Siblings} none
Mate} Open
Pups} None
Looks} A pure white wolf
Bio} She was found by the water pack in the snow but she left after a bit becouse of her coat coler now she runs in the snow having a blast
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