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CorsixTH 0.30 is out!

You can download it right now from its brand new home on GitHub.

The changes can be found on the release page, or a full list of (technical) changes can be seen here:

Hello. I got a problem launching the app on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Sn-900. black screen on launch if it doesn't crash. would have love to see it working. love the game so much.

I have a Problem with app every time when I started the app the first time start monitor are coming and going every time in the start menu.
I have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Sorry for the bad English I am from Germany

Game seems to crash straight after an earthquake or almost mid-earthquake playing on Xperia Z2. So I've stuck on level 4. Is there any chance to fix this bug. Cheers.

How do u get on bata

Hi! Are we still alive here?

It seems that I can't click anything at the main menu, apart from the tips screen. 
When I click any button, the cursor gets stuck and just moves the window around.

LG G3, CM12 5.0.2

Has anyone had this working on a samsung alpha

Ich würde sehr gern die Beta Testen

Hey Alan - thanks for the Android update! One thing I'd like to bring up though. The emulation on my phone is always slower than on the PC, I have to bump up the speed to +1 just to get a nice comfortable speed. I have a Galaxy S4 so I wouldn't have thought it'd be a hardware problem. Is it something that's coded into the app or is it something else?

I'm alright knuckling down and speeding it up, but it'd be nice to not have to.
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