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In tonight's episode, Team Chi 13 was sent to investigate the Church of the Star of Bethlehem. The faith-healer was actually a vampire who was performing his miracles through magic instead of faith, but they didn't bother to dig into the details much before deciding to exorcise the demon part of his vampire nature during his sermon, causing him to burn to ash in a pillar of celestial fire before his entire congregation. The Sisters of Divine Retribution would be proud. 

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I'm trying to write up a few old adventures for use with the current game but am curious as to what level of detail the community would prefer in adventure outlines? Broad stroke overviews or in depth setups of potential scenes?

Related to this has anybody delved into custom badness tables? Below is my current draft for one associated with a crazed telemancer antagonist who mostly acts through use of the table.

Tamara's Badness table
1+ Create a new situation aspect that fits the existing scene OR invoke an existing aspect.

4+ The NPC or one of their minions clears a mild condition.

4+ Rewrite an existing situation aspect to something that is similar but less useful to the Chapter.

4+ Manifestation. Tamara appears in a spirit like form to taunt or tempt the PCs.

6+ Final attack. An already defeated antagonist appears out of nowhere to make one final attack before succumbing to their earlier wounds.

6+ Remove an existing situation aspect, whatever it described simply vanishes from the scene as Tamara's laugh echoes through the air.

8+ Create a new situation aspect and get two free invocations on it or add another NPC

8+ Costume change. Create a new aspect "Wardrobe malfunction" on one character. As the character enters the scene they discover all their clothing and equipment has changed to the equivalent found in a period of the room (1890's for most of the mansion), ie tablets to books, assault rifles to breach loading rifle etc. The use of high tech items is now constrained to what their period counterpart is capable of. The effect lasts one scene.

10+ Summoned from channel 52. Create a new situational aspect that makes no sense in the current context but fits with a common TV trope.

12+ Muted. Create a new aspect "Muted" on all the Demon Hunters with 1 free invocation. No in character conversation may occur until it can be overcome (Difficulty 15) by something really really loud. The aspect lasts one scene.

14+ Evil twin. Use only when one PC splits from the party to explore. Take them aside to run a very quick small scene before they quickly return to the group. The individual that returns is their evil twin. The evil twin has 1 mild and 1 moderate condition plus the approaches, skills and stunts of the original PC. They have 1 scene to cause chaos before the real PC returns to the main group for a showdown.

14+ Fade to black. The scene fades out around the chapter and they find themselves in a different location within the manner, already in the middle of doing something.

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I saw this and was thinking what an idea for the Brotherhood.

I'm interested to hear about any creative uses of aspects or stunts, or any interesting rules hacks you've used in your games. No reason. :)

Has anyone read THE PASSAGE, by Justin Cronin? I was thinking about running a campaign based on a mashup between that and From Dusk Til Dawn. Anyone wanna help me with that?

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As is often the case for Brotherhood chapters, Psi 23 has openings for new members! Let's see if you can beat the record for longest living new recruit. (Previous record is 3 days, 16 hours and 19 minutes).

As this group meets using a clever contrivance called the internet, new recruits from all areas of the world are welcome.

Shamelessly copied and pasted from +Lydia Grace Henson's original facebook post.
I'm the (current) GM of said group, btw :)
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