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Name:  Ares
son of Kratos
I look like my father
Age: 19
Gender: male
 Species:  Spartan demon
Side: evil
Likes:to kill gods
Dislikes:almost everything
boi:I continue my father's work to kill all the gods
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name:Toshiro hesugia
class rank :10
bio:captain of squad 10 of the 13 quarter guard squares
wepons: jorimaro
likes:kicking ass
dislikes: weak willed men and women
personality: struct
special abilitys: none


Hay what do I need for a to profile

Hello my Nick name is shadow wolf
my ability is to hide in the darkness and kill people in the dark
I look 16 but im really 1,000 years old

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I am new here can some one help me out here at this academy/

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I was at the school thinking what birthday l would do to make +Nalu Chan​ happy and surprised so l decide to ask some people to know what l should do

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name: grimlock
abilities: shadow master
likes: people who care for him
dislikes:the pain he causes
age: 300 looks 18
weapon:blade of eternal darkness

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Name: Seraphina
Side: good
Likes: people who are kind and can work well in teams
Dislikes: people who cause pain and suffering
Powers: telekinesis, telepathy, super sonic speed, persuasion, cloning.
age: 225 looks 16

*is at the roof eavesdropping and spying*
....the people in this school are fine..

(Open rp!!!)

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Name: Astro
Age: 188 but appearance 20 years

Abilities: phases through walls, turns invisible, controls anything he touches, see the future, creates technology, changes forms, controls dragons, elemental stream
likes: torture, power, flames, calm waters, weapons, fellow angels

dislikes: sometimes freedom, being alone, the dark side

Class rank: top of the class
Personality: calm angered for losing of my dragon, cool, fly with me type 

Weapons/forms: angel form, ice dragon wings form, rage mode 
astral surge : I use my combination sword to create many sword and charges at the opponent with a blue streak of light following me 

Good: sometimes  betrays my pride 

Bio: N/A
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