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"Hello one and all and welcome to The Power of the Stars community, hence the name we sure do plan on reaching there!"

"It is a pretty basic community. This mostly circles around the Mario universe and all of its feats, still however, you can post pretty much anything as long as it isn't spam or porn. Me and the other mods here are pretty lenient with what you do here, just follow those rules and be respectful to others, especially while debating. Other than that, we just hope that you all have a pretty good time!"

"Just follow the rules and stay out of trouble and you'll get along in this community just fine! We wish you all a good day from the all of the mods! Have a nice day and remember, KEEP THE E STRONG!"

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Just going to say this now. On my series, "The Mario Scale" I am skipping Daisy since it takes too long.

I am also skipping Mario since he has the most basic stats that everyone in this community knows and is an all-rounder in terms of power scaling.

Wario is next

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Listen well all of you,

I'm tired of people making fun of each other while hiding behind a community their opponents cannot access. Which is why I have decided to finally get this over with. I have created a community. In this community you will finally figure this out yourselves. Don't worry I'm not going to even comment inside of it nor take sides. All it is is a final battle between the opposing sides. The only thing not allowed is inappropriate behavior in which I'll take care of that. If you want to finally settle this then respond down below.

BTW the rules are in the description of the community.

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The Mario Scale | Bowser

Welcome to The Mario Scale. Today we have the King of the Koopas. Bowser.


Bowser is stronger than Mario. Easily above Wario too. While the only one he lacks behind is Donkey Kong, Bowser still has a lot of force behind him. Besides, Bowser can cheese a fight by turning someone into brick like he did to the Toads. or Ganondorf, fuck that Death Battle


Bowser isn't actually too fast. Sure, ftl, but not that much. In fact, Bowser might be the slowest of the main cast which makes sense due to his turtle like appearance and movements in boss fights. Regardless, he has a Koopa Cart for travel.

Combat Speed

Bowser is actually quite slow, and I don't see his combat speed being too high compared to the rest of the cast. He isn't slow, he just doesn't compare.


Bowser isn't very agile aside from his dodging prowess which again, doesn't compare to the rest of the cast.


Infinite. If you recall the logic from Luigi, you would know. I'm surprised at how many people don't know that. I mostly just passively tell that to people in comment sections.

Reaction Speed

Bowser has good reactions, just not enough compared to Mario, Luigi and other characters.


Bowser is the toughest character in the main cast, period. He has survived more shit than any other character and his shell obviously gives him extra protection. Screwattack, if his skeleton can survive a black hole, how could Ganondorf blow him up?


Nothing worth talking about. Not dumb, just not that great. He also creates traps that are used against him at times.


He leads an army and has the authority of a king. This guy has a great amount of experience.


Bowser is a tank. Not only that, but a fast and magic using tank as well. Bowser may sound like the common boss fight, but his stats prove there is a lot more behind him than that.

Did I miss anything? Let me know. (I'll take anything break since this one is gonna be hard. Daisy is next)
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