I'm very close to saying their name, but I've been talking about crypto einstead because legal engineering suggests victims avoid naming their (verbal, physical, emotional) abusers.

For The Record, F.T.R.,, FTR,, I say "jaja" before b4 "haha" because a member of my family has a letter like that, and I feel numb thots hearing their name (with the same letter (attached to a personal feeling word for feeling good)).

~~ so by saying "jaja" I can feel better than "haha" because it decrypts a signal only I can read for my own terms of grammar. Sadly if I said their name when I was younger or even now as an older human being, I felt triggered because, some words spell something but say another.

Another example might be saying "Constitution" before "Prostitution" if you are a ,,pro but you do not want to be known as a con"

(FYI I say "before" cause "over, sounds like high/low {or ∫∫$igh/$lo∫ er} whereas I feel time and space err identity are vital signs greater and er or less than mathemetical worders... Emotion beguns and pends, like memory does/not dis/appear.)

If you are a sex worker you might avoid spelling that word. Likewise if you are a cex warker you might evoid saying thate words. ~~

Still $Pain to spell variables that are drawn from another STDLib/Standard Library if it fails to gracefully match your patterns from self (life) experience.

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#forns #trugs In other words I know how it feels to be locked in a cell (physically and or emotionally, poverty of thought (logos) and feeling (ethos/pathos?)) but well-fed, versus starving for food but having decent thought and feeling. ~still very rough, but I like where I'm getting at. the emotional maturity blocked by physical immaturities~~

Definitely what I care deeply about. #erra... this is what I'll use painingattention∫payingattention to do differential csychological diagnostics. Seems I've needed major social networks to sync before minor trust networks made sense.
$igh $lo I II I know what it's like to feel hungrier for an emotion (identity) than for food (material). #logyx #logy

$ What are you having for breakfast, the normal farent asks(?

#medicaljoint #foldpoint #emoinfosec #ellowance #knot $log #logy #logyx #folderpoint #medicaldoint #medic co$metic co$medic

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$lo $igh :/ // / _. .. .
yo medic,

$lo $igh.. Log issues. Alt issues. Every social media network is suddenly racing to organize emotions that were never exactly string theory proofed. Please stop Google, Twitter, and Facebook from disorganizing your own feed. #QueryYourself #KnowYourself #Logyx #Logy??

Just ritually realizing how if you have never read me before, this last few months since Mark Zuckerberg started ignoring #DomesticInternationalViolence, has been me trying to recover a symbolic system to parallel process a lot of mapping and pattern recognition, which has been severely torn by their robo swears. #RoboSwears #RoboSwearsRoboCares?

Really I've tried to see it as cee 010 just getting user-friendly but noia, these #EmotionalRegex's are just a whyte ablack trip-wire report card scoring system.

#EmoSec #InfoSec #EmoInfoSec #InfoEmoSec just rounds about me enough to barely manage saying HTOP $hh. I mean it is becoming reartearteared having to find my own research, expression, and development being (

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Family languages being by definition ae mathword for how close or far you are from legacy code.~
#Familitie Unsplitting the gender and sexual identity race conditions for reasons of identity maturity.~ #logyx #logy #psychology #csychology~~

#Humilitie Maybe racial currency really is -enderal+ and -cexual+ to a point grammar really fails gracelessly.~~ #hermenuetics #humanpatternrecognition #beingmapping~

Spelling being a human computation that error standard library code barely voices. The human race.. Th human gram...

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_ $on $lo $log $logy $logyx $igh $off ~~
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And just like that "(verbal, physical, emotional)" I avoided, even with my odd parenthesis, saying "(, sexual.)" because it triggers me etc.

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~~#mwowm sweet nice score mic estro testo 12 e candex ui thear mwe(? #bitcism #bitwism #feminwism( ((#racism #domesticinternationalviolense #farent #parenth #whatwouldfamilitiedue? #whatwouldfamilydo((?? #whatwouldEmotiondo(..((~~(°° #daddyx~
Parents have the wisdom to let their teens realize that what they do to them is not as simple as they think it is. This post is a witty sample of it. Funny as it may seem...:)

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Misunderstandings can lead to this kind of set up during bed time, lol!

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#omgl ##ohmygodlog( (( lol but lull~:) ) ew em zZ z
To remind gentlemen from huge expense this Valentine's Day. Women would truly appreciate the love you have to them not just by an expensive dinner or gifts but by how you say those three words that comes from the heart, "I Love You"...HAPPY HEARTS DAY TO ALL!!!
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