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Top 8 Night Trekking Destinations That You Must Visit Once In A Lifetime

We all love to trek throughout the day and to camp alongside the river at night but recently the trend has changed as there are different night treks available that comes with more adventure and always keep your adrenaline levels high in the body. Here is the list of top 10 night trekking destinations that you must try at least once in your lifetime.

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Adventure Trekking Around Bangalore – A Great Option For People Seeking Some Thrill And Fun

While there are countless destination in the region where adventure enthusiasts can enjoy this activity, discussed below are the 8 most popular places to enjoy trekking near Bangalore that promise a completely awesome experience.

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Fighting The Stereotypes, 24 Youngsters With Diabetes Scale Maharashtra’s Highest Peak

Twenty four youth aging between 16 to 20 successfully climbed the #Kalsubai peak. The brilliant team of Udaan was fully prepared and cautious. A fully equipped emergency team was at standby along with a team of expert #trekkers to respond efficiently in a case of emergency.

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Three High Altitude Treks In The Himalayas Outside India That Are A Must Do For Every Adventure Seeker

The Himalayas are the ultimate destination to enjoy a wide range of adventure activities, the most prominent of these being #trekking. Every year countless, men and women from across the globe descend on this majestic and lofty mountain range to gain the satisfaction of conquering some of the tallest and toughest mountain terrains in the world.

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Understanding The Need For Renting Oxygen Cylinders In Leh Ladakh And How To Go About It

It is not uncommon for people to plan a Leh-Ladakh tour in a rush, leaving them with little time for acclimatization. In such situations, renting an oxygen cylinder can help the participants avoid the risks associated with ill-planning their tour. Whether the participants choose to fly directly to Leh or opt for Ladakh bike trip, having an oxygen cylinder can help them enjoy the trip without facing any major health issue related to altitude.

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Spiti Valley Trek Your Destination This October

Situated between Tibet and #India, the valley has beautiful scenic beauty that can’t be missed. The population is so thin that people love to spend lone time, away from the crowd and the busy life of city. It is located in the north eastern part of #Himachal Pradesh, at an altitude of 12, 500 feet. The scene from there is spine chilling.

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Bungy Jump One Of The Best To Try Your Adventurous Side

Rishikesh is a city in Indian’s Northern state of Uttrakhand, which is in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. The river has its own spirituality for which it has been worshipped all around the country.Every year, the place becomes the tourist hub due to the number of options available which can be related to trekking, camping, river-rafting, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping. It is also famous for India’s highest fixed platform which is at Mohanchatti near Rishikesh.

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Sri Lanka Leisure Tour Coupled With Jim Corbett Safari India

This is the best way to enjoy your ride to the fullest at the Jim Corbett National reserve. You usually are eight to nine feet high of the ground which can relish the true feeling of being among one of them. As per the recommendation and considering the safety measure for tourists and for the animals, there will be only four people that can sit at the back of the elephant.

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Route To Freedom: Plan Your Next Trip To Best Destinations In India

Andharban, as the name suggests, it means a dark dense forest which will help you to engage with a fun and exciting time. The Andharban jungle trek usually lasts for two days and 1 night in which you will descend from the peak of the mountain with options to explore and is one of the most beautiful treks in India.

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Parasailing A New Dimension For Adventurous Sport

Most people prefer parasailing over paragliding as parasail is more stable and efficient during the ascent mode while paragliding is not that efficient when towed and is primarily used for #skydiving where the parachutist can fully control the direction of the parachute. Just like #paragliding, it will also take you to the sky with the feeling of flying in an open sky and it adds to the experience while watching sea beneath you.

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