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Can we please get some information when the next official firmware will be released? I'm still on the Version from 12 july 2017 and it has many bugs. The latest is, that it frequently resets the timezone now, which breaks EPG.

I'm not interested in E2. I want a solid Tv experience. Right now I really regret that I spent so much money on this box.

Why is it so hard to fix these issues?

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Is there an alternative for transmission torrent but for that works on Debian??

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For U5PVR (Dinobot 4KSE)

"Driver Update 2018.01..08
* fix e2 load on some U5pvr Models"

Thanks Captain

Does anybody know why they stopped building other E2 for SE, just leaving Dinobot 4K?

+Eddy Lab There's still the issue that WiFi does not work on E2. Captain from +openATV says, this is something Vivant has to fix. Can we expect a fix here soon? I really enjoy E2 but having no network is quite a big limitation.

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U5PVR Android FW - 2017.12.29

-Online upgrade..

-Oscam works perfectly!

-E2 is not working !!!!!

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CNX’s What’s the Best Android TV Box (2017/2018 Edition)?

We are very pleased that U5PVR Deluxe has been selected.
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