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This my frist time to show my suff
Cool ☆

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Omg he is freaking hot and cute!! (//> w <//)

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I will protecting you from Masky No matter what!!

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Hello eveyone,
My name is Biter killer
One of the Creepypasta.
Well, some of the Creepypasta don even know me
Because they never see me before because I new.

Slenderman : well, I the only one know you frist dear.

Jeff_The_Killer : Hey! I know her frist!

Slenderman : No, You don Jeffrey

Jeff_The_Killer : Yes, I do!

Slenderman : No

Jeff_The_Killer : YES

Me : Ok ok You both need to stop right now

Jeff&slender : Ok....

Sorry about that People well Let's get star on
Eveyone! See Ya!!

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