Copy/Paste this to create a character sheet

Hair, eye color, height, you don't have to put the weight you can if you want to, be descriptive

Pet: You are allowed to have a pet but the list of pets that are allowed will be in another post

Age: 9-24

Realm: Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Background: (History)

Name: First and last and be realistic when naming your character

I am the ruler of this planet Magdavia.
My name (RP) is Makayla Sulizar, But you can call me Kayla.
First you need to create a character, just copy and paste the form below. Also the list for acceptable pets will be below.
If you ever need any help contact me.

The Realm of Earth, to become an Earth Mage you must be patient. Because, studying the magic of Earth is one of the more complicated ones although many think it is not. It has been mostly long forgotten except for in some corners of the world. Earth Mages are mostly known for their healing abilities. Most take the Earth Magi for granted so don't be surprised if they are complicated to make a deal with or talk to. But, not all are that way.

This is the Realm of Air, where it is not uncommon to find a storm being created.
We are known for our battle mages. The most powerful of the Air mages will be able to control the weather and create storms such as the tornado, or the less commonly known the Everlasting tornado which requires 4 extremely talented, powerful, and fully trained Air, Water, Earth, and Fire Mages.

Realm of Water. The Realm of water is one of the colder Realms. It has many talented young magi within it. The Fire Mage is thought to be the strongest of all the magi but no, the strongest is the Water Mage. They are the most unpredictable out of all of the magi which is just one reason why they are the strongest. They can create tornadoes out of ice, water, snow, or hail. They can create any type of storm that only involves water. They work best at a distance.

The Realm of Fire is one of the most popular realms. They are well known for their strength and their magical abilities. Many Fire Mages are well known around the world as a hero. They are courageous, Clever, Strong, brave, and quite friendly. They can be often be found in the front of an army. Fire mages can do many things, which is why there are more Fire Mages than any other mage.

List of pets that will be acceptable:

Dog: any breed
Bird: any type
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