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God always provides goods and every thing to us.
Mathew 6:31-34
31-Therefor take no thought, saying, what shall we eat? or What shall we drink? or What shall we be clothed?
32-All gentiles seek for such; And because the heavenly farther knows that you need all that.
33-But first seek for the kingdom of GOD and His rightousness and all that shall be added unto you.
34-Take no thoughts for tomorrow; because tomorrow has its own to think of. ONE DAYS EVIL IS ENOUGH FOR IT. Be blessed.
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ISAIAH 17:17

The LORD said, Damascus will not be a city any longer; It will be only a pile of ruins.

2 The cities of SYRIA will be deserted forever.There will be a pasture for sheep and cattle,and no one will drive them away.

3 Israel will be defenceless,and DAMASCUS will lose its independence.Those SYRIANS who survive will be in disgrace like the people of ISRAEL . I THE LORD ALMIGHTY HAVE SPOKEN.

ISAIAH 19:16

GUYS to tell you the truth, all what is happening in the world was written.This is the only way GOD can get you from the trush you are in.Friends,Brothers,and sisters from any country ,tribe,religion,clan,and family JESUS is waiting for you this isn't easy because of your country religion and parents but at the end you will be judged as oneself. Get a place where to confess JESUS CHRIST and Join the New life .

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ISAIAH 21:13

You people of Dedan,whose caravans camps in the barren country of ARABIA;14 give water to the thirsty people who come to you. You people of the land of TEMA, give food to the refugees. 15 people are fleeing to escape from swords that are ready to kill them.from bows that are ready to shoot them. From all dangers of war.

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ISAIAH 24:1-15

1The Lord is going to devastate the earth and leave it desolate. He will twist the earth's surface and scatter its people.

2 Everyone will meet the fate. the priest and the people,slaves and masters,buyers and sellers,lenders and borrowers,rich and poor.

3 The earth will lie shattered and ruined. THE LORD HAS SPOKEN AND IT WILL BE DONE.

THE Earth dries up and withers; the whole world grows weak; both earth and sky decay. The people have defiled the earth by breaking GOD's LAWS and by breaking the EVERLASTING covenant.5...-12

13 This is what will happen in EVERY NATION all over the world. It will be like the end of harvest when the olives have been beaten off every tree and the last grapes picked from the vines.

14 Those who will survive will sing for joy.THOSE in the west will tell how great the LORD IS.

15 and those in the east will praise HIM. The people who live along the sea will praise the LORD.

What I say is that all we guys we have to repent for our countries and you guys who not saved try please try your own best to confess JESUSCHRIST as your personal saviour. I know others are from Moslem countries,families and others in idol worshiping countries.

What I tell you is that don't be lied to by friends,parents,clans or close people please try to save your own life.
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