Hello! I'm fairly new to the Society, though I've lived in the crown lands to the south for a while now. Just getting a feel for things and for when assorted activities are. :D Right around January, I will be relocating myself up to the lands of Arrow's flight, but for now, It's a ways away.

Lord John MacLeod, at your service!

Has anyone on here seen the request for LoIs for Kingdom Silent Herald Deputy?

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Cote du Ciel's annual Children's Renaissance Faire is coming up NEXT WEEKEND! This is how we pay for our practice site, which has been described as the best winter practice site in the kingdom, and for which we are regularly invaded (we like these kinds of invasions, though). If you would like to help, contact Seamus the Shameless (mka Trevor Irish, masterviper12@gmail.com). Invite all your friends!

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Lord Aslak the Awful of the Shire of Cote du Ciel has entered the Known World's Got Talent. Give him a 'thumbs up' if you think he should win.
Yes...I'm going to be one of THOSE friends. Please vote for me in the "Known World's Got Talent" competition. It's as easy as voting Thumbs Up on my video. For those that missed Tuesday's competition, this is part of my performance. I would love to make at least the semi finals on this....please help me out! Feel free to share this as well. (please)
Drottin Aslak the Awful

Congratulations to HRH Sir Robert le Raven Macleod fighting for Mistress Sajah al ish Shiraziyyah won Artemisia's Crown Tourney today in the Barony of Arn Hold.

Announced on behalf of Their Royal Majesties Timmur and Saige:

In early 2012, the SCA settled a lawsuit brought in 2009 against it and three local SCA officers. At this time last year, the SCA asked each of the Kingdoms of the Knowne World to contribute to the financial settlement of that 2009 lawsuit. At that time, the Board of Directors committed to pursuing a lawsuit against an insurance carrier that refused to contribute to the settlement and sought repayment of the amounts contributed by the SCA's kingdoms.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the lawsuit against the insurance carrier has been settled and the SCA has recouped a significant portion of the monies spent on the settlement of the 2009 lawsuit. Due to confidentiality provisions in the settlement agreement with the insurance carrier, the Board is unable to provide any details of the settlement with the insurance carrier. However, as of February 11, 2013, the corporate office will send checks to each of the Kingdoms who contributed to the settlement of the 2009 lawsuit, reimbursing each Kingdom approximately two-thirds of the contributions made by such Kingdom.

The Board would like to extend its heart-felt gratitude to each and every one of its members for their support of the corporation during these trying times. We now look forward to building on the strengths of our Society to ensure our organization's future success.

Their Royal Majesties Timmur and Saige are so happy to be able to share  this wonderful news with you and to know that Our kingdom has drawn together to support Our society during these struggles. We are extremely grateful to every member of the Kingdom of Artemisia who helped provide the funds that were contributed toward the financial settlement last year. We are especially grateful to those Baronies, Shires and Households who held fundraisers to help strengthen Our coffers once the check was sent.

Although the exact amount is not yet known that We have to work with, Our intention is to reimburse those Shires and Baronies approximately two-thirds of the amount contributed. Those groups also have the option to leave the funds with the Kingdom to help with the start-up costs for the Talon-Crescent War if they so choose. We appreciate all you do to support one another and to continue living the Dream.

Timmur and Saige

Announcing: the Next Baron and Baroness of Gryphon's Lair

Many Fine Greetings are extended to the Populace of Gryphon's Lair on this
briskly beautiful December day.

It is with much gratitude that we thank the members of the Barony who took the
time to cast their votes in support of the future of our Barony. In this way,
your opinion was heard, and you have named the couple whom you wish to lead us
the Barony during the next two years.

Based on the will of the populace, and endorsed by the power of the Crown of
Artemisia, the next Baron and Baroness of Gryphon's Lair will be Master Defender
Vilhelm Silberhammer and his inspiration Mistress Elizabetha (Bethany) of

We invite you to attend them, and offer your oath of service at their
Investiture in the Barony of Gryphon's Lair. On Saturday, January 5th, 2013, at
the Davis County Legacy Center in Farmington. Gryphon's Lair is hosting our 12th
Night and Investiture. We hope to see you there.

In Service to the Dream,
Bianca da Ravenna, Vicaress, OL, Baroness Gryphon's Lair
Thorvald Ulfhednar, Viceroy, KSCA, Baron Gryphon's Lair

Hi, this is Hallerna Stjarnkona.  I'm the Cote du Ciel Youth Minister, Youth Combat Marshall, & Webminister.

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Who's making plans already to attend?

What are everyone's thoughts on what this space could be? Alternative to the Aerie? Backup for the Facebook page?
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