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Greeting new riders, I, Serena Flora, have announce the new community, the school of Dragon. Where you can tame, bond and fly your dragon of your choice. You can encounter many islands and dragons, meeting new friends and foes, discover new types of dragons, battles, an defend Berk. I would like to see how brave, smart, talent and courageous you are in battles, make friends and dragons, and to experience your begin chapter of your adventure. Travel with your friends, unlock many secrets and challenge your enemies and to make a greater bond with your dragons.

Now some rules here...

1. When you open up your profile, please don't add your dragon, cause your the newbies and you can't have a dragon now till I make a post at the training ground and when you complete your lessons in school.

((The profile looks))

Hair color:
Eye color:
Skin color:

2. No trash talk, mean, nasty, curses, and horrible words in this, if found from one of you, I'll ban you for a week.

3. Don't threating my community of you hate this, if so, I'll ban you for 5 weeks.

4. Ask permission if you want to post the events.

5. No fighting, drama and/or argues on what problems you have, if not stop, I'll ban you for 10 weeks. ((But when I decide if you really want to come back.

6. And also, if you try to do a sexy post, NOT HAPPENING!!! So no sexy posts!!! IF SO, I"LL BAN YOU FOREVER!!!!!!
You live on Berk, that's where your adventure will soon begin, and where the Great hall stands, the chief's home is, ((Hiccup and Toothless)), the Black smith, fishing area below, markets, and all the way to the top, is where the healer is when your ill, injures, and/or anything else.

Training Ground
This is where soon, you'll be choose your Dragons I'll bring them in and you'll choose when I call you, and when you complete your classes in school. And where you can train your dragons as well. Also is where the Berk guard lies, I'll explain on the different post.

School of dragon
When newbie Dragon Riders came to study, learning, and complete your classes. There's a lab where you can learn by science, knowing of all dragons' species, evolve a good battle tactic strategy on the battle, and gain knowledge to know all about plants and animals in the wilderness.

Every morning around 6 am - 9 pm, is where you look out for any one who approach Berk, like Trader Johann, allies, or a travelers.

At school, if your interesting on raising a baby dragon or you find one on other islands, then go to the hatchery where Hiccups' mother is to instruct you on how to hatch an dragon egg and raise them.

You can enter a club of you own, depends on what's best for Berk, how to do things better and how to battle well against enemies.

You can grow your own farm on the different spot to grow foods, raise animals, and catch fish with baskets. And where the post board from Johann send you to make money for you to buys something you need.

Speak with me and/or the Hiccup at the Great Hall of any request you want to take. A task, challenge, what comes along to Berk for a mission, when I decide when the new islands appears.

((Now, if all of you have heard and played that app, then you know what it is, but not, then go check it out for yourself. When you join in, please follow my rules and don't make things difficult for me, I'm having a stressful moment of times and not in the mood for a fight. So please behave, AND I MEAN IT!))

Okay, now let's begin our School of Dragon!!!

"Into the Great BEYOND!!!"

Name: Priscila
Gender: female
Hair color: brown turning blonde
Eye color:grey blue
Skin color: peach
Clothing: warrior armor
Friends:none yet
Rivals:none yet
Foes:none yet
Newbies: don't know what it means
Weapons: daggers, axe and sword
Bio: family died when 15 then aimed to have a dragon to avenge parents and sibling

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And now, please post your Profile and let's begin when your ready.

Name: Roody

Gender: Male

Age: 16 ish

Height: 6'3

Hair color: brown

Eye color: green

Skin color: brown

Clothing: clothing

Family: non

Friends: non

Rivals: non

Foes: non


Items: non

Weapons: non

Bio: it is classified untell his story ark is complete

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