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The year is 2162. Guns have been outlawed and all firearms were destroyed by the year 2120. The world spilt apart and united, and countries became kingdoms: The United Kingdoms of America, the United Kingdoms of Europe, the Kingdom of the North, the Kingdom of Asia, the Kingdom of the Middle East, and the Kingdom of Australia. Unfortunately, resources began to run low on the planet, despite all of the technological advancements. It was those advancements, particularly the Molecule Replicator Machine, that fueled the planet now. War became prevalent in 2132. But there were no longer any guns, so humanity went back to an older form of war. Food and water became precious things. Metals slowly began to disappear, and gemstones simply vanished. Money became useless. Every day, there were wars fought in the streets. Steel met steel and mace met bone as humanity waged it's bloody war for survival. The Great War of Humanity held the very fate of the human race in the balance.

[Rule One]
There is no powergaming, metagaming, or godmodding allowed. Powerful OCs are accepted, but be reasonable.
[Rule Two]
Hentai is allowed, but you ARE NOT allowed to have a hentai starter, sexual/pornographic images, or rape someone's character without the admin's permission for story purposes.
[Rule Three]
All members are required to make a profile as soon as possible. You cannot roleplay without an approved profile.
[Rule Four]
The most advanced firearm is a crossbow. There are no guns. There are bows and crossbows and trebuchets, but no firearms that use gunpowder or gas to fire. No. Guns.
[Rule Five]
There are six kingdoms. You must join one. Which one you join dictates what technology you have. The Kingdom of Asia, for example, has weapons like the dao and the katana, while the Kingdom of the North is Norse/Scandinavian/Viking weapons. America, Australia, and Europe all use the same weapons, mainly bastard swords, spears, claymores, etcetera, and the Middle East uses things like the kopesh and the scimitar.
[Rule Six]
The setting is 2162AD. That means mega cities. Most of everything is a city or a farm now. But this also means that you can be cyborgs or even robots. No aliens, though.
[Rule Seven]
Powered Armor is allowed. However, it is rare and only certain people with have it. Starting out, there will be only five Powered Armor slots. These will be won through a method akin to John-A222's infamous SPARTAN Sweepstakes. I will make a post, and the people who fulfill the listed requirement(s) will be allowed a suit of Powered Armor.
[Rule Eight]
Powered Weapons like plasma swords or swords that can cut through anything aren't allowed. You may have nigh-indestructible weapons, but take into account that your weapon must be useable in reality. Crazy weapons like an axe the size of a man that becomes a flamethrower are never going to be allowed.
[Rule Nine]
Flamethrowers are allowed. However, they're odd. They cannot fire in a continuous spray, requiring the user to essentially hold a torch in front of a tube that one uses a pump to push a flammable gas through. As you can imagine, they're incredibly short range and slightly impractical.
[Rule Ten]
Ask me if you're unsure about something. This entire thing is my creation, so I know the most about it. However, I am open to suggestions if anyone has any.
[Rule Eleven]
Be reasonable, dammit. The goal is to kill everyone who isn't on your side, not impale yourself on your armor or freeze to death because you wanted your warrior woman to look sexy. Giant swords like the Buster Sword or Sephiroth's Muramasa are not allowed, though the latter DOES have a historical counterpart. No armor that is unnecessarily bare or showing off a lot of skin. No excess spikes or horns, or anyone without armor. The goal is to kill your enemy, not die in a manner that is so stupid you have a saga written about your idiocy.
[Rule Twelve]
There are no separate factions. There are the kingdoms. That's it. No private groups. No private militaries. Just the kingdoms.
[Rule Thirteen]
Don't ask to be a mod. You will only assure that you will not be made one.
[Rule Fourteen]
After much consideration, I have decided that genetic alteration is indeed a thing, and mutants are allowed. However, this comes with restrictions. Genetic alteration is not to be used to create invincible supersoldiers. Bone and muscle density, tensile strength, skin color, etcetera can be done, but you cannot make your bones as hard as adamantium or change their chemical makeup. As far as mutants go, nothing like the X-Men is allowed. Physical pigment changes, advanced cellular regeneration, and being naturally stronger or smarter than the average human is allowed. However, you cannot do anything like shoot lasers from your penis or have acid spit that can melt steel in seconds.
[Rule Fifteen]
On the subject of chemical weapons, you can have acid bombs or petrol bombs or even airborne neurotoxins. Just remember that weapons technology is in the dark ages again.

[Profile Template]

Name: Takashiro Min
Alias: Republic Savior
Allegiance: Kingdom of The Middle East
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: None
Hair Length: Shaved
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Weapons: Baseball Bat, Electric Stick
Equipment: Night Vision Googles
Skills: Agility, Flexibility, Strength, Magic
Personality: Neutral

Bio: Left behind by the Kingdom of Asia, Takashiro Min traveled to the Middle East to form the Republic Division, a group of leaders that bombed any other kingdom other than their's, and held a tight grudge against the United Kingdoms of Europe. After a while, Takashiro moved to the city where he hunted down rival gangs and attacked foreign people from Europe. Asia soon started the "Republic Revolution" because of their bombings on Min's Division. After he won the war, he became known by the Middle East as Republic Savior.

Is there anyone actually interested in the place still?

A teenage boy was wandering around the countryside late at night, looking for a place to sleep 'till morning. Quickly, he finds a house, and not wanting to disturb a family that potentially lived in it, he leaned against the trunk of an oak tree and slid to the ground.

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{Name} Connor Marconi

{Alias} The feared Red Cloak

{Allegiance} Neutral

{Age} 22

{Gender} male

{Species} human

{Height} 6'3"

{Weight} 231

{Eye Color} blue

{Hair Color/Length} short, brown

{Skin Tone} Caucasian

{Build} muscular

{Weapons} twin longswords, cutlass knife, dirk,

{Equipment} Light titanium full plate armor. Built to inhibit swimming as little as possible.

{Skills and Traits}
Dual weilding

{Personality} usually level headed and fair, but prone to fits of rage

For most of his childhood, he practiced the way of the blade. Upon reaching maturity, he became a sailor. After a few years, the newest crew members staged a mutiny, mortally wounding the captain. Only Connor and one other crewman defended him. Using only a cutlass, he tried to hold them off but he could not. He was thrown overboard when defeated.

Luckily he washed up on shore and lived. He worked at a port for some time, until a piece of his past returned. The ship he used to work on docked ar his refuge.
Same crew, now flying the flag of pirates. He snuck onboard ar night and killed the pirates. Vengence taken, He recruited some up and coming crewmembers and set out for glory on the seas.

He is known to be somewhat chivalrous, always accepting an honest surrender, rarely killing more than neccessary.
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I am sitting at a bar in a little village not too far from the city, watching out for possible outbreaks or people who might be looking for medical care when I notice someone else in a plague doctor outfit walk in, I do a quick scan of their weapons, heat signature, and different stuff. I smile as I recognize an old friend, I stand up and walk towards them (Closed, +Nidajfioll Kurura)

Who controls Russia? Would it be Europe or Asia? Or is it a contested zone?

+Renen Abendamohann

Your solution

+Nidajfioll Kurura you want to do a role play?

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I reap in silence. I suffer in silence. I live in silence.

Name: Persephone Andes.

Alias: The Ghost.

Allegiance: The United Kingdoms of Europe.

Age: 23

Height: 5'11

Weight: 120 lbs

Gender: Female

Species: Caucasian Human.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Eye Color: Blue.

Hair: Flowing brown auburn hair, although this is often hidden under her hood during missions.

Skin tone: Olive.

Build: Lithe and elegant.

Likes: The nice things in life, a well-versed day.

Dislikes: Drastic changes of events.


Hidden Blades:
Her Primary weapon. Persephone is accustomed to close, stealthy combat, as a result this is her weapon of choice. It's discreet, precise, and deadly. She wears it on the outside of her sleeves, so the gauntlets can be used defensively. It does not compromise stealth as she will keep her arms hidden beneath her cloak until she strikes.

Egyptian short-sword: An elegant blade with an encrusted handle, she keeps this blade hidden underneath her cloak as well and it is scarcely used for anything other than a last resort if she is discovered.

Appearance: (Pictures below.)

Persephone wears a long , hooded, velvet cloak over her other clothes. Despite its striking colors, it makes her look like another harmless noblewoman, so she is often overlooked by guards.

The clothing underneath are simpler, grey robes with a black stripe running down the middle as well as an open grey vest. This clothing provides little protection, but in turn slows her down little, which allows her to perform her agile feats.

Equipment: This varies from mission to mission, but it'll usually be small but useful objects, such as smoke bombs or makeshift explosives.


Short-blade combat: Persephone spent much of her childhood training with short-bladed weapons, which is the basis of her combat style. Her style includes a heavy basis of Martial Arts practiced by Ninjas- precision and mobility over brute force.

Stealth: Persephone is a trained Assassin, and as a result is a master in the stealth arts. She is accustomed to using her surroundings, and can use anything she can get her hands on to her advantage. She treads quietly and quickly, making her difficult to detect by even keen senses.

Senses: Persephone's senses are trained to their peak, her eyes can notice the slightest body language, and her ears can hear the faintest pin drop. Her hand-eye coordination is superb, and as a result she can traverse obstacles quickly and identify and execute enemy weak-points in the blink of an eye.

Personality: Persephone is a bipolar figure. She has a kind and pleasant air to her, which clashes with her Assassin's mindset- cold and calculative.

Bio: Born into a wealthy English Military family in the United Kingdoms of Europe, from a young age she was trained to be useful, her parents, both accomplished spies and saboteurs, were her own teachers and rarely pulled punches, even when she was young. This rough method of teaching drove Persephone to her peak, and when she turned eightee she replaced her retired father and mother, assassinating key political targets as well as reconnaissance. She is notorious, yet remains anonymous. Local lords fear her, and security systems snap like twigs under a boot, her being the boot. She earned her alias from her sporadic appearance and her secretiveness. Those who lived through encounters with her could never recall her exact appearance referring to her only as "The Ghost."

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