I am looking for information on Ruth Dunham who married Simeon Wright 24 Jul 1791 in Belpre, Washington, Ohio, USA.

I am specifically trying to find any records that would prove her relationship to her parents Daniel and Bathsheba (Gray) Dunham. Daniel and Bathsheba came to Washington County, Ohio (Old Northwest Territory) prior to 1790. Ruth Dunham came with them along with two sisters.

I am trying to locate any record that would verify that Daniel and Bathsheba were her parents.

Looking for family records

My family lived in Eagle Township, Brown County Oh before and during civil war. Samuel Black married to Elizabeth Workman, Children, John W Black, Thomas Black and others. Looking for someone who may have similar family

Will I be able to find divorce info online from Crawford County Ohio? Am looking for the early 1950's. What department would I check? thanks....

Donald A. Warner's help request! My Great Great Grandfather, William Warner, b. 1818 lived in Richland Township, Marion County, Ohio. He married Mary Louise Clause, b. 1825 in Baden, Germany, and had three sons', William Jr., b. 1838, Jacob, b. 1840 and David, b.1842 (my Great Grandfather). I have learned alot about these three sons', but know almost nothing about William Sr. Where was he born, did he have siblings, who were his parents and grandparents. If I could find these potential additions to my family tree, imagine how much bigger it would become. We are headed for Marion, Ohio on May 6th, 2018 and need to ID resources for searching for this missing data. Any and all help, guidance nd direction is most welcome. Thank you. I can be reached at donaldawarner6@gmail.com

I am looking for ancestory of west/sowers and jenkins famly from ohio. Believe there is Dutch an German ancestory in the family?

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I need help! I'm searching for birth/death record for a relative of mine named Emma Matilda Tibbs (born Bryant). I have tried various search engines and genealogy sites... have found some info, but cant find what I need. Anyway, she was born abt. 1856 in Scioto County, Ohio. Thanks for your help!!!

Hey, folks. This is a bit of a long shot, but I am working with almost nothing here. I am looking for a family from the Corning are from the late 19th century. The mother and father both died, leaving an ancestor orphaned. He was later adopted, and it is believed that his name was changed. As you can imagine, this is a tough bit of research. Here is everything I have, from his own hand, with an interjection by myself in parentheses:

"I was born at Corning, Ohio in 1892 (note: some documents list August 20, and one says 1893.) My father was a coal miner. He was killed in a coal mine when I was a baby. My mother was killed on a railroad grack. She was carrying me in her arms at the time. When the train crew got to her she was dead. I was in here arms crying. I was placed in a childrens home and was adopted when I was six years old. Iw ent to work in a coal mine trapping and never had schooling. I knew a family by the name of Bownman who moved to Indiana, but I did not know where. The people who adopted me was very mean. I left them when I was small and walked to Indiana."

(The rest deals with his life after Ohio. His adopted name was Fred C Fischer.)

I know it isn't much, but a hint or a direction would be great. I live nowhere near Ohio, unfortunately, so in-person research probably isn't possible.

Looking for information on the death of my 3rd great grandfather, Thomas Boggs.  He is listed in the 1830 federal census, in Liberty Township, Butler Ohio.  He died sometime before the 1840 federal census.  I have been unable to find any record of his death (date, place, etc.).  He was married to Sarah (Willis) Boggs.  They had 10 children.  He immigrated to Ohio from Newberry, SC around 1810.  He was born in Ireland about 1762 and immigrated to America in 1772.
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