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***********This is a Series of Books***********
And then it happened
Book 11:
Characters: Gordon, Paulo, and the Narrator.o I think that Gordon is a very funny person, that is always getting himself into trouble. It is somewhat believable, because modern day kids often like pulling off pranks, scaring people, and annoying teachers. I would not change the characters in any way, because they match the setting in the book, as a funny, bunch of crazy kids pull off a prank on people.

This book takes place in many places, such as a football game, at school, in a supermarket, as well as in a trailer park. The setting is not so developed, due to the lack of detail. For example, the book does not tell you what time, or day it is, in some cases. The author kind of gives a good visual representation of the book, because of the adjectives. I would change the setting, to add the adjectives needed.

Conflict type: Man vs. Man The conflict is that Mr. Evans, the principal of the school, keeps ruining The trio’s fun. The trio tries to put an end to this, by pranking Mr. Evans and their teachers. This sometimes succeeded, but not always. For example, Gordon tries to annoy Mrs. Hoagsbrith by creating the farting contest. The farting contest is a contest, where students fart, and Gordon recorded who had the most farts. The person who had the most farts was crowned the farting champion. This kept the teacher quiet, so the students can have more fun. The It is an external conflict. The conflict is very clear. I would not change anything. The next mini story in the book talks about a lawyer, which makes Paulo, Gordon, and the narrator get really pissed.

The exposition is at when Gordon and Paulo try to get a snowstorm to start by flushing ice cubes down the toilet. However, the trick didn't work, and it was Spring the next day. The trio was met by a angry mob of classmates, to demand why there was no snow. Soon, Mr. Evans, the principal came to say that all the school’s toilets are not working. This is the resolution. Soon, all of the students are

The theme of this book is comedy. I knew the theme prior to reading the book. This did not affect how I chose this book. Yes, all the books in this series had the same theme, which is comedy and mischief. The book is very funny, and it makes people laugh a lot.

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