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Full name: Canthros Lakarna Merendae

Nickname: Canthros

Surname: Merendae

Reason for name: Parents were quite fond of this name, and they found it to be very unique because it's a bit of a long name, but rolls off the tongue so well

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Canthros is a vampire, though it sounds very unique, he doesn’t exactly want to come off as edgy. To resolve this issue, a bushy makeshift fox tail is sloppily taped on his bottom to hide the nothingness that is the bat tail. Though it pairs well with the ears, the blood red eyes and sharp fangs are a dead giveaway. But, being a bat still has it’s good feats such as, he can taste drinks and really appreciate them more than many normal people. That, and he has the ability to become a bat. He chooses to rarely though, seeing as he can only become a very small breed of bat, being specific, the Mediterranean Horseshoe Bat.

Height (Horseshoe Bat): 6 inches tall

Wingspan: 11 inches across

Weight (Horseshoe Bat): 31 measly ounces, which is actually quite thick for a Horseshoe bat

Weight (human): 169 lbs, which is the average weight for a man his size

Height (human): 5’ 11

Sexuality: Homosexual

Personality: Canthros is cunning, and most of the time can figure his way out of a sticky situation with just the use of deceit and his smarts. Canthros is very neat, or in slang terms, a neat freak. This is very obvious, because even with just a glance, Canthros can be seen with sleeves rolled up just past the wrist, or pant legs rolled up perfectly around his ankles, accompanied by his polished black shoes. Canthros is also very polite. Holding doors open, and helping the elderly across the road. In society, he follows most common rules of etiquette. He has a passion for the art of literature, and actually was able to publish a novel

Skills: As mentioned just then, Canthros is skilled in the fine literary arts, and that’s where he can express emotions, and venture to a realm of fantasy made for just him. Canthros is skilled at speech, and puts emotion in his sentences, and rarely stutters, even in the face of an extreme danger. Canthros is also skilled at conversation. Every sentence is a cliffhanger, and the listener is only sitting there on the edge of their seats waiting for what he has to say next. Canthros is an excellent negotiator, and can flip the minds of most people in just a matter of minutes. Aside from speech, he’s also skilled in playing the Violin

Flaws: Canthros has an ever worsening mental health, as an effect of the town he was born and raised in. He has an urge to kill at just the mere sight of a blood, and in some cases blows his fox disguise, revealing the horrid creature of the night within. Canthros loses focus easily, and often daydreams when in the middle of an important letter, conversation, etc.

Abilities/powers: Canthros has powers that the classic vampire would have, such as the ability to transform into a Horseshoe bat, and the ability to draw blood via teeth and deposit the blood into his own body to grow more healthy, and increase strength

Dislikes: Canthros has a few strangely specific likes and dislikes. For example, he has a disliking for the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” because in his mind he sees it as something as “instead of describing a beautiful scenery, and opening eyes up to all the little details, just look at it”. Canthros hates many social media websites, because the horrendous jokes revolving around serious world events and the god awful grammar used by a majority of the “illiterate morons in the endless black hole of endless foolery called the internet” as he describes it. He’s also not very fond of most pop songs because all of them anymore are either about love or breakup, as well as constant repetition of the same words and choruses that make no sense to him.

Likes: Canthros is very fond of many books by many authors with bestselling books around the world. Such as The Call of Cthulu by the famous HP lovecraft, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, or even The Giver by Lois Lowry. He’s a fan of most morning radio talk shows, or even the ones on television such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He’s a fan of many other strange television shows such as Dateline, The First 48, or many murder shows that investigate mishaps.

Appearance: Cathros has a very perplex fashion sense, but anyway, going from head to toe, two large bat ears stand erect on his head, messy hair is parted to the left, covering one of his thick eyebrows, and almost touching one of his blood red eyes. Large ears with attached lobes are attached to the side of his head. A rather small triangular shaped nose with small nostrils is planted on his pale face. A cunning smile with two fangs constantly sticking out of his mouth are visible. His cheeks have no dimples, and has a lack of freckles. A thin and short neck connects his head with the rest of his skinny body. Canthros normally wears about 3 tops. A coat hanging down a bit past his legs, a plaid T-shirt underneath the coat, and finally a white shirt underneath the plaid one, with a black tie overlapping the plaid. Oak brown baggy caches with rolled up pant legs cover his legs. As mentioned earlier, a limp, bushy, makeshift fox tail is poorly taped on his bottom to hide the black nub that is his bat tail. Polished beautifully ties shoes with long socks underneath complete his normal outfit.

Family: Canthros grew up with a family most others have grown up with. Two vampiric German parents raised him until the age of 8, when he was sent to live with his uncle and cousins. This will be described in fuller detail within the bio

Nationality: His mother and father were German, so he was born with German culture embedded into him, but lost it with age. Though he still has an accent.

Bio: Canthros had been given life in a hospital on April 3rd, 1999 (using real world time), but had a rather large weight than most birthed babies, yet a smaller height than most. He had grown up in the town of New Albion, a small town where most creatures like him lived. The town had machines, streets, cafes, small markets, flea markets, farmers markets, many markets, and other things of the sort. The people there were quite interesting. The wise, the nice, but mostly eccentric and insane. The mafia was a large gang of thugs led by a ginger haired 28 year old with a small size, and a missing eye. He had a pair of silver dice he used occasionally for something unknown to Canthros. There was a guild of alchemists. Wizards of sorts. It was possible to enter, but Canthros never really cared for it. The unique thing about the overall town is that many, if not all machines and other appliances ran off the power of steam. But, getting back to Canthros, he has written a lot, and wrote second grade level literature in first grade. He did poorly in school, aside from most literary and music classes. At the age of 8, his parents died in a car crash, and Canthros had to move a town over and live with his uncle. His uncle wasn’t nearly as kind as his parents, but he wasn’t abusive level bad. The people of the town had altered Canthros, especially in the later school years such as 8th, 9th, 10th grade. He had top notch writing around the time, and even published his first book. It was a horror novel, which was quite appropriate, seeing as his mentality decreased ever so slightly the whole way through. A year ago at 16, his mental condition had gotten so bad, he had done the stupidest thing he would probably ever do, and killed his uncle by hilariously bashing his head in with his book, which was very thick and extremely heavy. He had lived his life alone every day since.

(that's it. I hope it's alright. Please do not steal or use this OC, along with the art)

(I do not own this image. You may use this to say something "hey, look how well developed this is", "This art is great!", or "this sucks", if you do that you MUST tag me, and absolutely no stealing the OC or art)
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Name: Brianna Miller
Class grade: Sophomore
Likes: Rebels, hentai, and Animals -Martin Garrix
Dislikes: Bullies
Personality: sweet, insane
Weapons: Knives, guns, and hands
sexuality: Bisexual
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