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Attention everyone! Before RPs finally begin, I want some special cases to be taken care of here and now. Bear in mind you are allowed only one of these special cases, you may not take them away from another. You must sign up for this before making your profile, this will have a serious impact on your story. Keep in mind you may or may not win the spot, even I don't know who'll win. It's not exactly first come first serve, but you should apply with some haste.

Legendary Super Saiyan
We will be hosting a Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline raffle lottery event, winners get to be apart of the Legendary Super Saiyan sub-race. Obtaining this rare status will grant you a more powerful transformation than normal at each level, for example you're Super Saiyan multiplier may be 50, but you'll have a Legendary form of it that's significantly higher. You'll also have a harder time dying from fatal injuries in RP and your PL rises at a constant rate in battle. However, for the sake of balance you can only train in special training zones like the Gravity Room and Hyperbolic Time Chamber once every 10 RP posts made by other people. So say you train in the HTC one day, you cannot make another training post that day or train in that special room until there have been at least 10 RP posts that have been made since then. Maximum of 2 spots.

Arcosian Mutant
Ever wondered why Frieza's clan is so powerful compared to the rest of the race, well wonder no more. There are a maximum of 3 spots available for anyone who wants to be a direct member of the Frieza family, by being a member your PL boost from training will be much higher than normal. You also get Frieza's army. However, for the sake of balance you can make no more than 2-3 training posts a day, depending on where you train.

Cell 2.0
Only one spot, this allows you to be the Android successor of Super Perfect Cell and therefore have all of his moves, you will have no real upgrades to stats, but more moves than any other when starting off which includes Destructo Disk, Spirit Bomb, etc. Any technique Cell can supposedly use. You have a limited zenkai and regeneration, but your use of abilities you've obtained genetically is on the same level of mastery of those who used said techniques. This includes the following: Kamehameha, Galick Gun, Special Beam Cannon, Instant Transmission, Solar Flare, Multiply, Destructo Disk, Spirit Bomb.

Simply put you're basically Janemba, as a result you can start off at a PL of 4,000 with the ability to use dimensional combat. Basically you can fight just like Janemba and eventually Super Janemba could. Matter transmutation, and bending laws of reality to a certain extent. Only 1 spot available. However, drawback is you cannot fuse with another due to the massive internal energy (good or evil) contained within you. Abilities like Kaioken will also be limited, with the maximum output being x10. Keep in mind this status leaves you more susceptible to attacks that directly affect your moral alignment like when Super Gogeta used the Stardust Breaker to purify Super Janemba. You can regenerate, stretch your limbs, and do pretty much anything Janemba could do with his body.

[NOTE:] More special cases like these may be added.

+Keisuke Ikeru​​​​​​​​​​​​​
+Ryuga Dragneeus​​​​​​
+Aaron Cross​​​​
+時間の神GamerKidd 999​​

Lucky Winners:
+時間の神GamerKidd 999​​ (Frieza Spot 1)
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[Profile Template]

Quotes: "I may not be the strongest, but that won't stop me from beating you!"

Theme Songs: *Hero Song of Hope*

Name: Renegade
Age: 15
Species: Acrosian
Power Level: 397,500

Weapon(s): KI Blade.

Relatives: King Cold, Frieza, Cooler, Kuriza

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Likes: Ramen, Fighting, Becoming Stronger
Dislikes: Threats to the Xenoverse.

Personality: 50% Serious, 50% Other

Bio: Born to become the strongest in the universe surpassing any Super Saiyan God, Renegade trained at a pace that was almost inalien as he was able to match half of Frieza's power (265,000) at the age of 6. This led him to become stronger and stronger surpassing the Almighty Ginyu Force. The title Emperor of the Universe was his for the taking it seemed almost unescapable but after nearly dying to a massive explosion he was saved by Chrona and he became a Time Patroller. This lead him down a path where he fought Demon Gods and Demon Witches. He eventually reunited his family after 2 Years and met his cousin Chill named after his Great Grandfather Chilled.

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Թɾσƒίʆε tεʍԹʆαtες

|•| Quotes |•|

"Heya! Howsa goin', bud?"

"Name's Jin. Don't wear it out! Heheh. Nah. I'm just messin' with ya. I won't bite. Much."

”Eh. I train ‘cuz I can. I strive to improve. That’s about it. Still gunna be a lazy ass when I feel like it. That ain't changin'.”

|•| Name |•|


|•| Nickname/Alias |•|


|•| Age |•|


|•| Gender |•|


|•| Speices |•|


|•| Date of Birth |•|

February 10th

|•| Place of Birth |•|

Planet Vegeta

|•| Likes & Dislikes |•|

In the grand scheme of things, Jin does not really like or dislike anything. He simply takes everything in stride and goes about his life. But one thing he does dislike a bit is ignorance to a extent. It is a bit of a pet peeve to him.

|•| Appearance |•|
Jin is a bit of a care-free individual, so almost anything that is not flashy would work for him. Casual clothing such as jackets, t-shirts, a comfortable pair of jeans. He always wears his light blue scarf. He is never seen without it. He will sometimes wear his Battle Gi which is a suit of black with a hooded cape, a weighted long-sleeved top, fingerless gloves, with a metal belts along with weighted bottoms when he intends to train.

|•| Personal Bio |•|

The saiyan that had been named Nasu was on Planet Vegeta. He had been born around a day after the saiyan as known as Kakarot. He was a quiet and calm newborn that had slept through almost anything. Even Kakarot's crying and such. But Planet Vegeta had changed once some of the Saiyans had been slain by Frieza’s soldiers. They killed the Saiyans without mercy and without a second thought. Even his parent had been caught in the crossfire. He was but a newborn, but cried for his missing parents. Wrapped in his parent's scarf, he was then found by his uncle named Rīki, a Saiyan Commander, and they both made an escape off of the planet before Frieza made the attempt to destroy the entire planet on one of spaceships that one of Frieza’s soldiers had left behind. Days then passed onboard the spaceship. Rīki had already found a safe destination that Frieza would almost never find. A planet called Earth. Rīki would flip on the boosters of the spaceship and blast off towards this planet called Earth, soon in the next three hours. To cover an evidence that Rīki and Nasu were on the Planet of Earth, Rīki picked up the ship, threw it into the air and had blasted it with a beam of ki to make it turn to absolute dust. Rīki had no intentions of following through with this conquest any longer. That would only give away his position. They’d observe the Earthling, observe their language as well as their civilizations. While Rīki had been studying, he had came across some sort of information center called a Library. Rīki had read almost every one of those books overtime until he had came across a Baby Name Book. As much as Rīki did not want to pick from a baby name book, he’d have to in order to reduce suspicion. Rīki then changed his name to an Earthling name. His name he had chosen was Adelric. It had a nice ring to it. He had named Nasu by the Earthling name of Jin. 40 years would pass. Adelric would have become a bit more fond of these humans. He even had a relationship with one of them. Jin would had grown into a fine Saiyan, but he was much more chill and laid back than any of the other Saiyans, no matter how much Adelric pushed him to become much barbaric. Based on what Adelric had taught him about Saiyan history, he didn't want to become the typical Saiyan. He wanted to become unique. But he is much more unique than he realizes as he is not just a mere Saiyan, but a Phoenix-Saiyan. He was gifted with the powers of a mythical beast upon him being conceived. Apparently he is worthy of such a power and was granted it. By the Immortal Phoenix, Eos. A very powerful entity with very little known about it. All that is known about this Immortal Phoenix, Eos is that whoever is granted with it's power is said to have vast hidden power. The Immortal Phoenix, Eos is said to be the counterpart of all of the dragons. The wielder of Immortal Phoenix, Eos's power can be resurrected upon death and come back stronger than before. Immortality. But it is up to the wielder whether or not they want to be resurrected or not. It is great power, but it must be earned through hard work and determination. This power is not free. Jin currently is unaware of his gift. Adelric the same. The only one who has this information are the gods monitoring the Earth and beyond. His tale unfolds now.

|•| Height |•|

His is about 5’8” to 5’9” feet

|•| Weight |•|


|•| Eye Color |•|


|•| Hair Color |•|

Nighttime Blue

|•| Hair Style |•|


|•| Skin Color |•|


|•| Orientation |•|


|•| Voice Actor |•|

Eng VA - KaggyFilms but a bit more softer and laid back.

|•| Personality |•|

Jin is a care-free individual and quite friendly, but is always up to a challenge when it comes to fighting. He cares deeply for his Uncle Adelric, but he get annoyed at what he does sometimes. Adelric always loves to mess with him. But Jin knows he cares. Even if Adelric won't admit it. Jin loves food and lots of it as his is still a Saiyan. He likes to train to become strong in order to protect his new home from destruction. Jin does not have a complex personality, making him easily readable. He is indeed an open book and will say anything that comes to mind. He is analytical and humorous and always loves to crack jokes, even if some may be bad. He does it for his own enjoyment and loves to see other's reactions.

|•| Parent(s)/Guardian's |•|

Serori (Deceased)

Retasu (Deceased)

|•| Siblings |•|


|•| Relatives |•|

Adelric/Riki (Alive)

|•| Spouse |•|


|•| Person of Interest |•|


|•| Allies |•|


|•| Enemies |•|


|•| Sensei/Master |•|


|•| Clan Trademark |•|


|•| Rank |•|


|•| Current Status |•|


|•| Affiliations |•|


F͓̽ I͓̽ G͓̽ H͓̽ T͓̽ E͓̽ R͓̽ I͓̽ N͓̽ F͓̽ O͓̽

|•| Aura Color |•|

Radient Cobalt

|•| Ki Color |•|
_Radiant Cobalt _

|•| Transformations |•|


|•| Techniques|Abilites |•|

Bolt Cannon: This attack is lightning-based attack that can travel at ⅓ of the speed of light at a target that also does moderate damage.

Rapid Talon Rush: This attack is a rapid succession of energy kicks and punch that starts with a powerful and fast kick to the gut followed with a chain of punches and then another powerful energy kick to the target's side and as a finish, Jin fires a dual Bolt Cannon from his hands at the target.

Blue Nova: This is Jin's Ultimate Attack. This attack is a large spherical attack that is fired from the left hand. Upon the impact of this attack, it will explode into a Super Explosive Wave-like explosion, but much stronger, larger, and more badass-looking.

Inferno Soul: This technique is only used when push comes to shove. It multiplies Jin’s power level temporarily by 2.5-3. This technique’s multiplier can vary depending on Jin’s emotions. The multiplier can increase the more Jin uses it as well as his power level increases. Jin becomes enshrouded in a fiery aura with fiery wings sprouting from his back. This move comes at a cost, however. This move is a bit like the Kaioken, but this move is much more potent. This move makes it so the wielder becomes a bit more irrational and barbaric than normal, causing them to do some unnecessary destruction.

|•| Inventory |•|

Blue Scarf: A reminder of his parents.

|•| Power Level |•|


|•| Themes |•|
Most Wondrous Battle Music Ever: Rise Of The Immortals

Sybrid - We Rise [Epic Choral Battle]

A Hero's Last Stand (Battle Against a True Hero / But the Earth Refused to Die)
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》Name: Kasai

》Nickname: Flame

》Species: Acrosian

》Gender: Female

》Age: 100

》Team Type: None

》Birthday: Unknown

》Personality: Mysterious, most times kind and quiet

》Appearance[Have Picture or Describe.]: (refer to pictures. Pictures are not mine. Also the second picture is supposed to be her first form. G+ screwed the order up)

》Ki & Aura Color: Red (ki) and blue (aura)

》Power Level: 1,000

》Height: 6' 3"

》Weight: 240 lbs

》Likes: Loyalty, bravery, honor and respect

》Dislikes: Cheaters

》Status: Neutral

》Bio: Kasai is of Frieza's race born to an unknown family. Unlike their relatives Kasai's family despised what the others of the race were doing. Kasai was said to be the strongest of her family and as such was taken from them at an early age. She was placed in one of King Cold's servant's care and was friends with Coora who she would often train with. She even trained with King Cold rarely because she wanted to test her strength on someone other than Coora. Kasai rarely spoke to Frieza as she saw him as a brat that had a massive ego and tried to avoid him at all costs. Once she learned of Planet Vegeta's destruction she fled, taking an escape pod to Earth. Once on Earth Kasai hid and lived in the wilderness. While there she mastered her powers and grew even stronger. Kasai then left the wilderness to hopefully find a few friends who she could train against. She is still wandering looking for a training partner.

》Team[As if you apart of an team like the Z-Fighters, Red Ribbon Army, etc]: None

》Family: Unknown biological parents

》Master[s]: None

》Apprentice[s]: None

》Rival: None yet

》Alliance[s]: None yet

》Foe[s]: None yet


Any move that could be lethal she changed so it would only deal massive damage instead.

Death Beam

Death Cannon (stronger version of Death Beam shot from the palm of the hand)

Death Chaser (quick succession of punches and kicks)

Lightning Attack (same as Death Chaser but a bit slower)

Kiai (basically multiple bullet like projectiles of Death Beam from Kasai's fingers)

To learn:

Destructo Disk (instead of cutting someone in two the disk will explode opon impact to cause damage)
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There are some techniques that must be earned through RP or through the approval of a mod, preferably the owner. Moves that fall under this category take time to earn so as to prevent Godmodding or sudden random boosts of power for no sensible reason.

Kaioken - 5 detailed posts
Spirit Bomb - 10 detailed posts
Special Beam Cannon - 5 detailed posts
Neo Tri-Beam - 5 detailed posts
Destructo Disk - 10 detailed posts
Big Bang Attack - 6 detailed posts
Kamehameha - 7 detailed posts
Final Flash - 7 detailed posts
Time Leap - A select few shall be able to obtain this ability.
Dragon Fist - A select few shall be able to obtain this technique.
Instant Transmission - A select few shall be able to obtain this technique.
Big Bang Kamehameha - Requires both Big Bang Attack and Kamehameha. Very few shall be able to learn this.
Final Kamehameha - Requires both Final Flash and Kamehameha. Very few shall be able to learn this.
Final Explosion - 10 detailed posts
Sphere of Destruction - 20 detailed posts at least 3 of which require training under a God of Destruction.

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Great Ape multiplies base x10. (Only during a full moon)
False Super Saiyan multiplies base x25 (During a brief state of intense anger one can achieve this form)
Super Saiyan multiplies base x50
Ascended Super Saiyan, Ultra Super Saiyan, and Full-Power Super Saiyan are no longer necessary as the modes simply use up to much power/detour your ability or in the case of Full-Power Super Saiyan don't exactly increase your power but are simply mastered or calmer versions or the form. If you wish for these forms to be added ask a mod and we'll consider it.
{Requires base power of 1,000,000}
Super Saiyan 2 multiplies base x100
{Requires base power of 25,000,000}
Super Saiyan 3 multiplies base x400
{Requires base power of 40,000,000}
Super Saiyan God multiplies base x 570
(Beerus defeated a Super Saiyan 3 with a flick and a chop, a flick uses about 0.3% of a person's maximum strength capacity so SSJ God will be about 69.7% stronger. This form requires you to gather the energy of five other Saiyans in a ritual. Upon use it becomes your base form and grants you Saiyan Beyond God which isn't a transformation just the state or your normal form from that point on.)
Super Saiyan Rage multiplies base x600
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan multiplies base x620
(Achieved through training with God Ki at least five times.)


Giant Namekian multiplies base x10
(Lower speed but greater power and reach)
Colossal Namekian multiplies base x25
(Even lower speed but even greater power and reach)
Super Namekian multiplies base x30
(Achieved by fusing with at least two other Namekians or through intense training. Upon reaching it you no longer transform to use it replacing your base power with this form.)
Hyper Namekian multiplies base x120
(Enhanced regeneration is granted, you're now capable of regenerating much like Cell.)
{Requires base power of 1,000,000
Mutant Namekian multiplies base x450
Beta Namekian multiplies base x570
(Fuse with at least five Namekians or train under a god.)
Alpha Namekian multiplies base x620
(Full mastery of the god form.)


Pre-Ultimate Status (PUS) This means your power before having your base's full power amplified by the Ultimate Evolution transformation. As a result of this you can use the 100% max power mode. After obtaining Ultimate Evolution you will no longer have it and you shall have a mastered Final Form.

Punishment Mode (2nd Form) multiplies base x25
Assault Mode (3rd Form) multiplies base x50
Final Form multiplies base x70 PUS: multiplies base x90
Final Form 100% multiplies base x100
Removed after PUS
Vengeance Mode (Cooler Transformation) multiplies base x120
Vengeance Mode 100% multiplies base x240
Removed after PUS
Ultimate Evolution x800 {Requires base power of 100,000,000}
PUS: multiplies base x820
"I made it gold."
(Like Frieza you can select the color that you want this transformation to be. However you must make at least 5 detailed RP posts before you can unlock the Post-Ultimate Status which makes it so you won't tire yourself out from using the Ultimate Evolution transformation and grants you a slightly higher multiplier though it removes 100% modes it does grant you mastered states for Final and Ultimate Evolution transformations.)


Steamy Anger multiplies base x30
(Must be at your base form's max power and you have to be enraged.)
Evil Majin multiplies base x70
(Requires you to be enraged giving in to killer intent as well as base power of 500,000.)
Super Majin multiplies base x150
{Requires base power of 1,000,000}
True Majin (Kid Buu) multiplies base x300
{Requires base power of 40,000,000}
Calo Majin multiplies base x460
{Requires base power of 100,000,000 and beating two other Majin forms in battle 2 detailed RP posts for each one.}
Reborn Majin multiplies base x600
{Think of Uub but instead of dying you gain that power through a ritual involving entry into a dead like state. God ki.}
Burst Majin multiplies base x700


Imperfect multiplies base x100
{Requires base of 1,000,000}
Semi-Perfect multiplies base x200
Perfect multiplies base x330
Super Perfect multiplies base x450
Ultra Perfection multiplies base x565
Synchronization multiplies base x680
{Super 17}
Super Synchronization multiplies base 790
{Absorbing someone who's vastly more powerful, think of Cell absorbing current Goku.}

[Kaioshin] or [Makaioshins]

King multiplies base x20
Grand multiplies base x55
Supreme multiplies base x130
Grand Supreme multiplies base x400
Elder multiplies base x500
Temporal (Supreme Kai of Time) multiplies base x650
{Requires base power of 500,000,000}
Cosmic multiplies base x740
{Ritual along with God ki training.}
Judgement multiplies base x820
{Requires base of 1,000,000,000. God ki.}


MAX Power multiplies base x10
Transcendent multiplies base x30
Unlocked Potential multiplies base x200
Mystic multiplies base x500
{Requires base power of 20,000,000}
Mystic God multiplies base x700
{God ki requires power of 30,000,000}
True Mystic God multiplies base x850
{God ki as well as 1,500,000,000}

[Eternal Dragon/Shadow Dragon]

Black Flame multiplies base x45
Shining Draco multiplies base x70
Radiant Dragonoid multiplies base x180
Dragon Ball Absorbed multiplies base x360
Ultimate Draco multiplies base x620
{Requires base power of 20,000,000 and absorbed at least 7 Dragon Ball.}
Ultimate Emperor Dragon multiplies base x750
{Requires base power of 500,000,000, godly ki.}
Super Dragon multiplies base x840
{Detailed post at least ten as well as base power of 1,400,000,000}


Sinister (5%) multiplies base x20
Malevolent Demon (10%) multiplies base x40
Rune Demon (25%) multiplies base x60
Cambion (50%) multiplies base x100
Hell Lord/Archdemon (75%) multiplies base x320
Demon God (100%) multiplies base x650
Dimensional Demon God multiplies base x800

((IMPORTANT: Super Saiyan 4 is up for debate as well as original higher god transformations for all races.))

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Training System

Everyone starts off with 1,000 as their PL.

1000-4000 PL= 1,000 PL boost to base.
5000-8000 PL= 2,500 PL boost to base.
9000-12,000 PL= 4,000 PL boost to base.
13,000-15,000 PL= 5,000 PL boost to base.
16k-40k= 35k PL boost to base.
40k-90k= 55k PL boost to base.
90k-150k= 75k PL boost to base.
150k-230k= 100k boost to base.
230k-350k= 210k boost to base.
350k-470k= 240k boost to base.
470k-600k= 310k boost to base.
600k-1m= 380k boost to base.
1m-3m= 690k boost to base.
3m-50m= 1m boost to base.
50m-100m= 3.5m boost to base.
100m-300m= 6m boost to base.
300m-700m= 20m boost to base.
700m-1.5b= 150m boost to base.

Non-Godly Tutor
Training under a non godly tutor multiplies the result by 1.5
{Three sessions per week.}

Gravity Room multiplies the result by 2.
{Two sessions per week.}

Hyperbolic Time Chamber multiplies the result by 3.5
{Two sessions per month.}

Training with a god in the haze/misty dimension multiplies the result by 4 as well as giving you god ki credit, god ki credit brings you one step closer to the necessary God ki training posts you need to use a certain state.
{Two sessions per month.}

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[Profile Template]


Theme Songs: 




Hair Style:

Hair Color:



Sexual Orientation: 




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I think all races should have about the same base multiplier. It gives other races an unfair advantage that other races don't.

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