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Name: Astra
Power: Demotic, Shadow powers.
Secret: She is Raven's Cousin. (Her father is Raven's Aunt)
Favorite Titan: Raven
Enemy: Her father. Khalkaroth
Family: Her mother is dead, and her father is an enemy.
Home (Planet, Labritory, Etc.): Shadow Demon world. (Not hell. Just a shadow demon world)
Weapon: Her Demon powers.
Speciality: She has a lot of traits of Raven, Almost acts the same as her. But she is more mysterious plus Medatates more.
Description: She has a demotic shadow cloak almost like Raven's. Also she has a magic orb on her forehead. If her father takes control of her it turns Black, and if it's red that's normal.
Bio: She was born in the Shadow Demon Dimension, Raven did see her but had to go back to the Titans because of a crime alert. But when no one was looking, my father, Khalkaroth, (I found the name under demon gods, if he is good just he is bad in this.) killed my mother. Stealing me. He took me in as a demon baby, and said i was to ugly in my demon like form. So he turned me to a human. When i was old enough to understand he was using me for only power, i finally broke out of his rath, Stole his cloak, and ran to the human world. I proved to the humans i was a hero, but sometimes she would get dreams of fighting her dad. She won but she fights hard to resist his mind control.

Name: Cardinal, and that's all I will say
Power: I have a suit similar to Red X and I guess Acrobatics? ( I'm like Robin )
Secret:I say bats was my mentor but I actually learned from Ra's al Ghul-sensei
Favorite Titan: Robin!
Enemy: Slade/Deathstroke
Family: I guess Bat-Family? I never knew my last name because I got separated from my parents at a circus or something like that
Home (Planet, Laboratory, Etc.): Gotham
Weapon: A tricked out staff but unlike Robin I focus mainly on balancing my staff's equipment to fit into combat, even though I do carry his special bird-o-rangs
Specialty: Stealth, and resisting things like mind control
Description: I wear a black and red suit similar to Robin's but the cape is dispensable and bendable so I can move my shoulder blades and turn it into a cloak or fire defense, and I carry an array of gadgets in it
Bio: Grew up in some circus I can't remember, someone killed my parents, Ra's al Ghul-sensei took me in and trained me in the ways of the league of shadows, I see my mother as Talia al ghul, but no one knows my past, or my identity, I am a member but I do not live in the tower, I am untraceable, and even Batman doesn't know who i am.
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