(on the rooftop writing in journal)open rp

Sits quietly in the corner in the bleachers reading my newest book, ignoring the champion game

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Name: Tessa
Age: 16 1/2
Gender: Female
Personality: shy until I know someone accepts me, one to sit in the back of the room with my nose in a book. Embarrassed that I've never had a boyfriend before.
Likes: reading, music, writing stories, etc
Dislikes: getting up and presenting something, being called out on,
Back story: just moved to the school, doesn't know anyone, moves around a lot so I try not to get attached to anyone
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Lays down in the grass looking up in the sky (open rp)

'Finally, i found a quiet place to read,' I think opening a book in my lap. ((Open))

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Thanks For Inviting me :))

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آلحنين , آلھم , آلمشآعر آلمؤلمہ ة
آشبہَ ب - آلشيآطين  '

لآ تستيقظ إلا بعد منتصف آلليل ') ! 

يا إلهي 
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Hello Kool Page!!!!! =D<3!..... X0xo<3!.

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